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Sunday, May 17, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the following scenario contained in the SIDRAH. It is written, “If your brother becomes impoverished and sells part of his ancestral heritage, his redeemer who is closest to him shall come and redeem his brother’s sale.” LEV. 25:25. From the branch language of Torah, the scenario is a delineation of laws given by ECHAD, BLESSED BE HIS NAME, on how to effect REDEMPTION. Redemption may be described as the buying back of something that has been sold. It is a returning of that which has been sold to the original owner. The law reveals that it is the responsibility of a kinsman to effect the redemption of the purchased item.

From the ROOT LANGUAGE, redemption is effecting the perspective of one who is identifying with the EGO back to the TRUTH OF BEING. The TRUTH OF BEING is that we are SOUL. The SOUL that we are is experienced in grades. Those grades are the NEFESH, the RUACH, the NESHAMAH, the CHAYAH and the YECHIDAH. The NEFESH is the lowest grade of the SOUL giving us the experience of an animal. The RUACH is the grade that gives us motion. The NESHAMAH is the grade that gives us differentiation, i.e. the power to experience contrast. The CHAYAH is the grade in which we experience non-differentiation from the perspective of the “I”. The highest grade is the YECHIDAH in which we experience non-differentiation as being the ALL. The SOUL that we are is an individual aspect of the SOUL of SOULS, termed ROOT SOUL. We connect to the ROOT SOUL when conscious of the YECHIDAH.

The Adamic civilization commenced It’s unfoldment at the grade of the NESHAMAH. From this grade a choice was given by the Creator to eat of either the Tree of the knowledge of good and bad or to partake of ETZ CHAIM, that is, the Tree of Life. We were also warned that if we would eat of the Tree of the knowledge of good and bad, that it would result in the experience of death. On the other hand, it was also disclosed that partaking of ETZ CHAIM would give rise to LIFE without beginning or end. The choice that was made, that is, to partake of the Tree of the knowledge of good and bad was under the HANHAGAH (management) of ECHAD, that would aid in receiving RATZON CHERUT (freewill) making us sovereign like the CREATOR but also resulting in DEATH. Redemption from the ROOT LANGUAGE has to do with restoration to our primeval state along with the RATZON CHERUT that was paid for with the price of DEATH.

The ROOT SOUL is comprised of two different kinds of SOULS. Those SOULS are termed HOST SOULS and INDIVIDUAL SOULS. The HOST SOULS are those who possess the revelation of the TRUTH of BEING and are predetermined to aid in the redemption. The INDIVIDUAL SOULS are those who are in the SPHERE of AUTHORITY of a HOST SOULS, impoverished by the erroneous identification with the EGO in need of REDEMPTION. The scenario discloses that the HOST SOULS are responsible in effecting the redemption of the INDIVIDUAL SOULS. The HOST SOUL effects the return by providing an ENSAMPLE as well as TEACHING when the INDIVIDUAL Soul is ready. 

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