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Friday, May 22, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the directive given to the NAVI MOSHE by ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, to take a census of the entire assembly of BENEI YISRAEL (the children of Israel). The instructions were to count them according to their families, according to their father’s household, by number of the names every male from twenty years old and up.

To understand the purpose of the census requires the examination of the HITPASHTUT (the unfoldment of Godliness) as it relates to ADAM KADMON. ADAM KADMON is the term used to describe the whole of Creation. It is a system created in D’MUT ADAM (the image of Man) purposed to become B’TZELEM ELOHYM     (the image and likeness of G-d). Because the systems of the Universe are in the image of Man, we are able to apply the spiritual law as above so below to discern how It functions. In Jewish Spirituality, the development of ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience) unfolds in three stages. Those stages are termed ALEF, BET and G-MAR TIKKUN. The stage termed ALEF commences with the beginning of the ADAMIC CIVILIZATION. The ADAMIC CIVILIZATION is ONE SOUL that is comprised of MANY SOULS. The ONE SOUL is termed the ROOT SOUL. The many souls are termed individual souls. The individual souls are divided into two grades. Those grades are termed HOST SOULS and INDIVIDUAL SOULS.

A HOST SOUL may be described as one that possesses the revelation of being an individual aspect of ECHAD. On the other hand, an INDIVIDUAL SOUL is one who is absent of the revelation. The HOST SOUL is referred to as ISRAEL. The individual Soul is termed the GOYIM (nations of the world). The HOST SOUL is purposed to aid the INDIVIDUAL SOUL in the receiving of the revelation of the TRUTH of BEING, that is, that they are an individual aspect of ECHAD. Once the HOST SOUL aids the INDIVIDUAL SOUL in the revelation, then It is to aid with the connection thereof to the ROOT SOUL.

At the beginning of the ADAMIC CIVILIZATION, ECHAD had predetermined 600,000 to be the number of HOST SOULS needed to fulfill the GOAL of CREATION. Due to the descension of ADAM and EVE below the barrier between Spirituality and Corporeality, the HOST SOULS became blinded to their mission. After the 600,000 HOST SOULS underwent a series of the transmigration (reincarnation) of the SOUL, they came together as a GROUP of 600,000 again during the time of the NAVI MOSHE. Because of receiving the evil report given by 10 of the 12 spies sent to spy out the Land, the HOST SOULS failed to fulfill their purpose.

The NAVI Ezekiel was given a vision of DRY BONES in the valley, that would return to fulfill the GOAL. This is the return of the 600,000 HOST SOULS to fulfill the mission. In Jewish Spirituality, they are called the final generation. Their effect on humanity is to give birth to the NEW CIVILIZATION. We are living in the time of this FINAL GENERATION and the unfoldment of the NEW CIVILIZATION.

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