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Friday, March 27, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH with the disclosure of what is termed the GENERAL RULES of OFFERINGS received by the NAVI MOSHE from ECHAD, Blessed be His Name. The instructions began with how to administer the OLAH (burnt offering). The OLAH offering may be brought by someone who has intentionally sinned, someone who had failed to perform a positive commandment, someone who had sinful thoughts and everyone who ascends to YERUSHALIYIM for SHLOSH REGULIM (the 3 Pilgrimages CHAGIM). The OLAH is completely burnt up signifying to raise its owner from the status of sinner and bring him to a state of spiritual elevation (R’HIRSCH).

When ascending the instruction to that of the ROOT LANGUAGE it reveals a method of disclosing what is termed HAVAYOT. HAVAYOT is the Hebrew transliteration for the force of creation. HAVAYOT is latent in the center of every created thing. All things are D’MUT ADAM, that is, made in the image of man. It is D’MUT ADAM that has been predetermined by ECHAD to become B’TZELEM ELOHIM, that is, the image and likeness of G-d. This potential to become a visible manifestation of the Creator is what is contained within the PARTZUF (the 10 sefirot). The PARTZUF sits within every created thing in the same way that there is a passenger in a MERKAVAH (chariot). If the MERKAVAH is destroyed, because of the indestructible nature of the PARTZUF, it will remain. The potential of the PARTZUF is HAVAYOT. Thus even at the destruction of a created thing that which is indestructible remains. As suggested, what remains is the force of creation.

This EMET (truth) discloses that the intention of a burnt offering is to reveal the HAVAYOT concealed within the OLAH. Thus we have the revelation of a mechanic that we can employ giving rise to the exercising of our volition in participation with the unfoldment of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, that is, the Supreme Mind. The Supreme Mind has predetermined that the INVISIBLE G-d would become VISIBLE. Since HAVAYOT (force of creation) is at the center of ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience), employing the method of the OLAH can aid in DIVINE MANIFESTATION. 

The descension from PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS into BODY CONSCIOUSNESS gave rise to the birth of the EGO. The EGO is one’s identification with the PHYSICAL BODY. From the identification with the PHYSICAL BODY, we perceive ourselves as having a birth date and a death date, a past, present and future. We perceive ourselves as weak, subject to change, and the like. By applying the instructions of the OLAH, we detach from this false identification, thus ascending into the TRUTH of BEING. The TRUTH of BEING is that we are INVISIBLE and IMMORTAL. The more that we return to this EMET by identifying with the MIDDOT of the Creator, the more our PHYSICAL BODIES will transform into the SAME. The transformation is termed EQUIVALENCE OF FORM, thus fulfilling the GOAL of CREATION through the exercise of VOLITION.

Whenever attending a service at the SYNAGOGUE, we should perform the OLAH offering at the door bringing only the CONSCIOUSNESS of the SOUL into the COLLECTIVE that we might aid in the fulfillment of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, that is, to become a visible manifestation of ECHAD.

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