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Friday, February 07, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH with the narrative that is focused upon in the SIDRAH. The branch language discloses that the Jewish people along with a mixed multitude have left MITZRAYIM (Egypt) en route to ERETZ YISRAEL under the leadership of the NAVI Moshe. It is further revealed that soon after their HISTALKUT (departure), ECHAD strengthened the heart of PHARAOH to pursue them. The purpose of ECHAD, BLESSED BE HIS NAME, in governing the thought life of PHARAOH in this way is He would be GLORIFIED.

The scenario is a revelation of the mechanics that ECHAD has predetermined to unfold the GOAL of CREATION. The GOAL of CREATION is that ECHAD Who is INVISIBLE will become VISIBLE. No doubt this process employed to become VISIBLE is one of contrast.

Jewish spirituality discloses that ECHAD gives the cure before the DIS-EASE. This EMET (truth) is based upon the TRUTH of BEING. The TRUTH of BEING is that all who undergo the human conscious experience are individual aspects of ECHAD. The soul, that is, our true identification is a SUPERNAL SPARK containing all the MIDDOT (qualities) of ECHAD. From it the physical form (GUF) was created. Thus within the GUF is the potential to manifest the CREATOR. Therefore it may be said that the GUF conceals the CREATOR with all the potential thereof.

To govern the process of becoming a VISIBLE MANIFESTATION, ECHAD manages the thought life both of MOSHE REBEYNU and PHARAOH. The SUPERNAL POTENTIAL that is concealed within MOSHE REBEYNU can only be made manifest by the opposition of PHARAOH. Therefore MOSHE is the cure concealed, that can only be revealed by the DIS-EASE brought about by PHARAOH. Yea, PHARAOH’S opposition gave rise to the CONCEALMENT of the CREATOR being revealed. In the end of the process both MOSHE and PHARAOH experience a visible manifestation of ECHAD, BLESSED BE HIS NAME. Likewise, that which seemingly is opposing is predetermined to reveal. The revelation is the manifestation of the TRUTH of BEING, that is, that we are ONE with G-d. This EMET when established in the heart will liberate one from fear, that is, negative expectation. Whatever opposes is under the HA HAGAH (government) of ECHAD sent for the purpose of revealing the SPLENDOR of the SOUL, yea, the SOUL is the SOLUTION to all problems that are sent to reveal.

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