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Neo Hassidic - Letting HASHEM into our lives is what it's all about. We do it through our exuberance in our own ideas and acts in regard to dress, prayer, song, dance, and Torah learning. All this stimulates us to do "The Mitzvot " making this world a better place for ourselves and everyone else, Jewish or not.

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Friday, January 24, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the narrative disclosed in the SIDRAH. The narrative is a continuation of the process unfolding the liberation of the Jewish people. The NAVI (prophet) Moshe had the predetermined assignment of the Redemption of the Jews. Their Egyptian oppressors opposed their devotion to ECHAD, thus limiting their manifestation of the hidden unlimited potential concealed within. The revelation of the unlimited potential concealed within will give rise to the visible manifestation of ECHAD. It is the GOAL of CREATION that It becomes a VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of the CREATOR described by the SERAPHIM as “the whole world is filled with His glory. Read Isaiah 6:3. The role of the Jewish People in the attainment of the GOAL is to provide an ensample as the EVERLASTING NATION and to teach the method of accomplishing. This requires the redemption thereof that is essential to the unfoldment of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is latent within.

Redemption of a people is destined to be experienced by meeting a FREE man. Philosophical discussions and the like do not effect redemption, but rather aids in focusing upon the vision thereof. As illustrated in the call of Moshe Rebeynu, freedom is the result of having a DIRECT EXPERIENCE with ECHAD. The DIRECT EXPERIENCE is not only the impetus behind actions of the FREE man, but also the guiding principle that gives rise to the embodiment of the instruction in the ATTAINMENT.

ECHAD is HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, that is, the Supreme Mind. As aforementioned, the Supreme Thought of the MIND is that the CREATOR who is INVISIBLE will become VISIBLE. To effect the process HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH is seen to be the governing (HANHAGAH) principle behind both the FREE man, that is, the NAVI Moshe and the OPPRESSOR, that is, PHARAOH. Within the FREE man, the potential for liberation is concealed. Within the OPPRESSOR is the DIS-EASE of oppression. By governing both the thoughts, words and actions of the FREE man and the OPPRESSOR, ECHAD is able to reveal HIMSELF, that is, to become VISIBLE. Thus by hardening the heart of PHARAOH, that is, giving him thoughts that oppose the FREE man, the potential that is concealed within can manifest as the CURE to the DIS-EASE. The redemption that the FREE man effects in Israel is one that commences with a change of perspective, whereas BAD is transformed into GOOD. Thus engendering a visible manifestation to the TRUTH of BEING that there is nothing but G-d, yea, let G-d be glorified.

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