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Friday, December 06, 2019


 Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH focusing our ATTENTION on the narrative that unfolds the SIDRAH. The narrative discusses the departure of YAACOB from Beer-sheba, moving in the direction of HARAN. In his journey, he stops at a point in space to rest as evening dawned. He arranges his resting place in a way that would aid in his process of MIND REFINEMENT.

The practice of mind refinement had been taught. The fact that he had received instructions in mind refinement is based upon the EMET that he was in succession with the prophetic lineage of AVRAHAM. ECHAD had revealed to ABIMELECH, after taking his wife SARAH, that AVRAHAM is a prophet. Thus began a lineage of prophets, AVRAHAM, YITZCHAK and now YAACOB. It is the discipline of MIND REFINEMENT that is practiced by PROPHETS (NEVIIM).

The practice of mind refinement is what gives rise to ascension into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUS. Ascension into this state is experienced as PURE AWARENESS. From the state of PURE AWARENESS, one is able to actualize the DEATHLESS ONE, that is, the truth of Being. Once this state of ENLIGHTENMENT OCCURS, we continue with a life style of correction, uncovering the G-d that is concealed within.

The dream that YAACOB experienced in that place was prophetic in nature, it commenced with the revelation of the SULAM, that is, the ladder, that is fixed between the EGO, that is, BODY CONSCIOUSNESS, and ECHAD, the DEATHLESS ONE. It is further disclosed that messengers of OHR (light) were ascending and descending upon the SULAM. These messengers bring the LIGHT of HASSADIM to aid the ascension into the DEATHLESS ONE giving rise to the transformation of the EGO.

The transformation of the ego is one in which it becomes a visible manifestation of the DEATHLESS ONE, that is, equivalency of FORM. The NEVIIM spoke of this as resurrection. The resurrection occurs in the physical body transforming it from the STATE of DEGENERATION to that of REGENERATION, that is, the attainment. The scenario of YAACOB serves as an ensample of the PURSUIT of ECHAD by the practice of MIND REFINEMENT.

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