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Friday, October 04, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the scenario contained in chapter 30 of the SIDRAH. The scenario discloses that after the exile of the Jewish People, it has been predetermined by ECHAD that an eventual repentance and redemption will occur. This point in space and time is marked by the consideration of the blessing and curse experienced by the Jewish People. The consideration is a modification that is mental in nature. This reveals that the thoughts that are entertained are not our own but rather are calculations of the Creator. These calculations are measured in such a way that it will give rise to the unfoldment of the goal of Creation.

The GOAL of CREATION is the visible manifestation of the concealed aspects of ECHAD. The reality is that there is nothing but ECHAD. Consequently what is experienced in creation are concealed and revealed qualities of G-d. The human conscious experience is currently a concealed quality of the Creator. Thus the GOAL of CREATION for us is to become a visible manifestation of ECHAD. The visible manifestation is physical immortality married to a state of constant improvement. This regenerative state can be experienced in the mortal body before the TRANSITION thereof occurs.

The human conscious experience is what is termed by Israel as ADAM RISHON. ADAM RISHON is the One man with one mind, one heart and ONE SOUL. The one Soul is comprised of many souls called male and female. The male and female souls making up the composition of the Corporate Soul are indicative of grades. The grade of soul termed male is referred to as a host soul. The grade of soul termed female is referred to as an individual soul. The host soul is one that possesses the revelation of the TRUTH of BEING. The individual soul is without the revelation. The host soul is called Israel. The individual soul is called Gentile. The maximizing of the revelation of the TRUTH of Being is the purpose of Israel to aid both the Jew and Gentile in the ATTAINMENT of the GOAL. Thus the exile of the Jewish People in all the nations of OLAM (the world) is a part of the process in the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION.

The exile was the product of disobedience to TORAH while in ERETZ YISRAEL. It will be understood that the thoughts that gave rise to the exile came from the UPPER FORCES. As aforementioned, the necessity thereof is based upon the GOAL. The GOAL is an evolution of humanity based upon SUPERNAL PURPOSE given to each soul of the collective. The blessing and curse experienced by Israel is predetermined to be a guiding principle that will cause our return to TORAH. This return is one to both the branch and root language thereof.
The return to Torah empowers the Jewish People in implementing that instructions that give rise to the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION. The empowerment is expressed by an awakening that occurs in the physical body (GOLEM) that transforms it into that which manifest the LIGHT that is concealed within. 

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