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Thursday, August 08, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. Tisha B’AV is what is termed minor fast day. It is observed on the ninth of the month of AV on the Jewish calendar. In 586 B.C.E. the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed. In 70 C.E. on the same day, the ninth of AV, the Second Temple was destroyed. Of the minor fast days, TISHA B’AV is considered the most important. The importance has to do with INTROSPECTION. The purpose of the INTROSPECTION is to inspire the building of the Third Temple.

When employing the ROOT LANGUAGE of Torah, the building of the Third Temple has to do with the Ascension of the host SOULS into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. The ASCENSION into Pure Soul Consciousness is making the evolution into CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS that is Supernal in nature, thus experiencing the sensation of the TRUTH of BEING. The TRUTH of BEING is that there is one SOUL, Supernal in Nature that is comprised of many souls. The GOAL is the revelation of the SOUL, i.e. to unfold unlimited potential.

The destruction of the Temples is descriptive of the ONE SOUL descending from corporate consciousness into EGOISM. The descension gave rise to identification with the CORPOREAL, which is EGOTISTIC, engendering a STATE of DISUNITY between the many souls of the ONE SOUL, yea, EGOISM is what opposes CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS.

It is the corporate purpose of the Jewish People to build the Third Temple by ascending into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS that is CORPORATE in nature. The ascension of a corporate group is the building of the Third Tempe. The building of this Third Temple will result in the UNITY of the JEWISH PEOPLE along with the INSTRUCTIONS that will aid humanity in the attainment of the same.

Tisha B’AV should be observed as a mourning caused by a yearning to ascend into the CONSCIOUSNESS manifested in the building of a Temple comprised of Jewish Souls to provide an ensample upon the earth on the ATTAINMENT of the GOAL of CREATION.

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