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Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the opening NARRATIVE of the portion. The SIDRAH begins with the scenario of ECHAD, Blessed Be His Holy Name, speaking to MOSHE and AHARON a CHUK (decree) disclosing instructions on the preparation of a substance that would give rise to purification. The substance is described as the law of the Red Cow.

The law of the Red Cow is one that contaminates those who prepare it and purifies those who have been contaminated. The enigma of both contaminating and purifying is a shrouded mystery. To uncover the mystery, one must ascend into the HIGHER LEVELS of consciousness to disclose its ROOTS. 

The ROOT LANGUAGE reveals that the law of the Red Cow is a reference to PERSPECTIVE, yea, it is the way that one views a thing that determines whether it is TAMEI or TAHOR.

PERSPECTIVE is a modification of the mind. The modifications of the mind are five. The five modifications are CORRECT PERCEPTION, INCORRECT PERCEPTION, IMAGINATION, SLEEP and DREAMING STATES. The PERSPECTIVE that one has concerning a thing is is effected by the MENTAL STATES of CORRECT PERCEPTION and INCORRECT PERCEPTION. CORRECT PERCEPTION is the quality of PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. INCORRECT PERCEPTION is the quality of the SUB-CONSCIOUS. Both states are the product of education. The CORRECT PERCEPTION is developed by an INTEGRAL EDUCATION, INCORRECT PERCEPTION is the result of EGOTISTIC EDUCATION. These perceptions determine how we interpret our experiences and also create the reality that is experienced by the individual. 

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