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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus on PARASHAT EMOR by placing our attention on the opening scenario of the SIDRAH. The opening scenario is a presentation of instructions given to the NAVI MOSHE dealing with the laws of a KOHEN. From the ROOT LANGUAGE, the KOHEN is disclosed to be a HOST SOUL. The HOST SOUL is one that has experienced LIBERATION. In particular, the LIBERATION is that of the SOUL.

The need for the LIBERATION of the SOUL is based upon IGNORANCE. The IGNORANCE is one of identification. The cause of the ignorance of identification is based upon IT’S union with a physical body, that is, its opposite, yea, the SOUL is the desire to bestow, the body is the desire to receive. The pleasure experienced in the desire to receive when experienced by the SOUL causes it to identify as being the body. This can be seen in the fact that we say, “I feel PLEASURE or SUFFERING.” Thus the SOUL loses it’s identification in exchange for the feeling of gratification. This desire for more is one of perception  giving rise to a false perception of being. The false perception of oneself is bondage that only the TRUTH of BEING can effect IT’S LIBERATION. In other words, the HOST is one who has the revelation that it is an INDIVIDUAL ASPECT of ECHAD.

Once LIBERATION is effected, a lifestyle conducive to IT’S maintenance and unfoldment of IT’S unlimited potential is to be pursued. From the root language, the description of the BRANCHES are laws that will effect IT’S MAXIMIZATION.

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