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Friday, November 16, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by placing our ATTENTION on the opening SCENARIO. The opening scenario picks up where it leaves off in the previous parashat in which YITZCHAK sent away YAACOB to LABAN the brother of REVCHAH. The journey led YAACOB in the direction of HARAN where he encounters a place and spends the night. After arranging a place to sleep and lays down, he dreams.

Dreams may be placed under two categories. Those categories are DREAMS of CLARITY and KARMIC DREAMS. DREAMS of CLARITY are dreams that reveal what has been predetermined to occur in SPACE and TIME in PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. On the other hand, KARMIC DREAMS are dreams that reveal things that are on the SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL. The dream that was experienced by YAACOB was a DREAM of CLARITY revealing what ECHAD had predetermined to occur in his future. In the WHOLE of REALITY, a DREAM of CLARITY is perceived as a SOLUTION to a PROBLEM that one will experience in the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION. In other words, in the higher levels of consciousness, the ANSWER appears before the PROBLEM. Wherefore one is never without a SOLUTION no matter what the PROBLEM.

Since DREAMS of CLARITY are revelations of SUPERNAL INTENT, they are also a part of the ROOT LANGUAGE. When speaking of ROOT LANGUAGE, we are referring to ORAL LAW. In other words, YAACOB’S DREAM of CLARITY is a disclosure that he possessed the ORAL LAW of TORAH. There is a question among some as to whether or not the PATRIARCHS possessed the TORAH. The DREAMS of CLARITY they had discloses that they DID. As aforementioned, the DREAMS of CLARITY are solutions to problems yet to be experienced. The DREAMS of CLARITY are instructions that effect the behavior in that which is to come. Indeed they are revelations of ORAL TORAH that inspire SUPERNAL BEHAVIOR.

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