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Thursday, November 29, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention upon the opening scenario of the SIDRAH. The PARASHAT begins with the chronicles of YAACOB with YOSEF as it’s focal point. YOSEF is presented as a seventeen year old who is favored above the other sons of YAACOB and often uncovers the errors of his brothers to his father.

The uncovering of his brothers along with being favored by YAACOB gave rise to strife in the MISHPACHAH (family). Strife which is hatred is perpetuated in uncovering. When an individual uncovers another, three people are hurt: the one that is uncovered, the one that does the uncovering and the one who is informed concerning who was uncovered. Uncovering is the practice of witchcraft, which is forbidden in TORAH and creates division in a corporate group. Uncovering seems to be the thing to do, but the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUS BEING employs the mechanic which declares, “Hatred arouses strife, but love covers all offenses” when given a situation. To drive out EVIL is the goal, uncovering gives rise to its multiplication.

Contrary to YOSEF’S tendency to uncover, there was another source that created strife among his brothers, that is, that he is a VISIONARY. A visionary is one who sees the invisible, feels the intangible thus being EMPOWERED to do the IMPOSSIBLE. That which he saw and felt was revealed to him in DREAMS. Although his DREAMS seemed threatening to his MISHPACHAH, they will prove to be the SOLUTION to the PROBLEMS they were destined to undergo. The DREAMS that he had were DREAMS of CLARITY that will give rise to the PRESERVATION of HIS MISHPACHAH. When YAACOB heard the DREAMS of YOSEF, which seemingly countered what was EXTERNAL to him, he employed them as MENTAL WHISPERS engendering a CONSCIOUS ASCENSION out what seemed to be CONTRARY. The mechanic of EMPLOYING MENTAL WHISPERS in order to ASCEND out of EGOISM is a part of the CORRECTION we need to undergo in the ATTAINMENT of the GOAL of CREATION, which is PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY and the unfoldment of the everlasting KINGDOM of YISRAEL.

To become clear as to how to employ a MENTAL WHISPER requires submission to the TORAH TEACHER that ECHAD has predetermined for our lives. In this approach, we shall trek the PATH OF LIFE and actualize the TRUTH OF BEING in that which houses the SOUL. 

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