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Monday, October 08, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. The PARASHAT NOACH commences with a scenario disclosing NOACH as a TZIDIK (righteous man) whose pursuit of maximizing his potential was greater than any other individual in his generation. It is important to note that a generation is the product of ADAM KADMON’S pursuit of the Goal of Creation.

ADAM KADMON is the One Soul that is comprised of many souls. It is the GOAL of CREATION that these many souls, which comprise the human conscious experience, would attain life without the possibility of METIM (death). The possibility of life without METIM rests upon the EMET (truth) that the many souls are individual SPARKS of the SUPERNAL possessing all the qualities of G-d. One of the qualities is eternal life. When eternal life is made manifest in the PHYSICAL BODY, it becomes IMMORTAL. IMMORTALITY MANIFEST in the PHYSICAL BODY unfolds as a LIFE STYLE OF CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT in all the vessels of the SOUL. As a TZIDIK, this is the goal of NOACH, yea, the ATTAINMENT of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY.

The SIDRAH continues the revelation of NOACH by describing him as “WALKING WITH G-d.” WALKING WITH G-d is trekking the PATH of LIFE. To trek the PATH of LIFE requires coming into contact with the UPPER FORCES. The UPPER FORCES are comprised of BEINGS who have made ATTAINMENTS in PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, yea, it is instructions from these MASTER TEACHERS that give rise to the revelation of the PATH. Read Isaiah 30:20,21.

The revelations that are received are in SUCCESSION. Therefore the fact that there is no mention of NOACH having a teacher does not negate the truth that he did. The SIDRAH discloses that NOACH walked with ELOHIM. The term ELOHIM is used to describe both G-d as well as MANY MASTERS. No doubt the term is a revelation indicative of beings of the UPPER FORCES aiding in his ATTAINMENT of IMPROVEMENT. Likewise when the PROTEGE is ready, the teacher is revealed.

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