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Friday, October 05, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. This week’s TORAH PORTION is the beginning of the yearly cycle of the reading of CHUMASH. The SIDRAH commences with the SCENARIO of the beginning of G-d’s creation. In it G-d is disclosed as existing before the EVENT. The revelation of G-d is one of CORPORATE BEING. In other words, one comprised of MANY. It is written, “And G-d said, Let US make Man in Our image after OUR likeness…” In this passage found in the SIDRAH, the use of the words US and OUR imply ONE COMPRISED of MANY. No doubt the term MANY is not making reference to POLYTHEISM but rather to QUALITIES. Therefore MAN, i.e. the human conscious experience, is ONE man comprised of MANY QUALITIES. Like the Creator, MAN is ONE SOUL comprised of MANY HOST and INDIVIDUAL SOULS.

The ONE SOUL is termed ADAM KADMON. The MANY that comprise ADAM KADMON are termed MALE and FEMALE making reference to HOST and INDIVIDUAL SOULS. It is the GOAL of CREATION that these HOST and INDIVIDUAL SOULS MANIFEST HIS SUPERNAL QUALITIES in a PHYSICAL BODY. The MANIFESTATION of the SUPERNAL QUALITIES in the PHYSICAL BODY is LIFE without the possibility of DEATH and the COMPLETION of CREATION through the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is latent within.

The HOST and INDIVIDUAL SOULS comprising ADAM KADMON are SUPERNAL SPARKS. These SUPERNAL SPARKS are divers PURPOSES predetermined to AID in the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION. The manifestation THEREOF is an environment that SUPPORTS PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY. With an ENVIRONMENT supporting PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY, one is able to MAXIMIZE ONE’S POTENTIAL and experience REGENERATION instead of DEGENERATION. As suggested, the REGENERATE STATE is one of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT without the possibility of METIM (DEATH). Our vessels were created opposite of G-d in order to unfold a process that is to reach the GOAL through DEVELOPMENT.

The DEVELOPMENT is the result of EDUCATION. The EDUCATION is supernal in nature thus requiring a TEACHER for the UNFOLDMENT, yea, the earth is destined to be filled with the KNOWLEDGE of G-d. Read Isaiah 11:9. It is the filling with KNOWLEDGE from the TEACHER that has been predetermined for you that will empower to fulfill the GOAL of CREATION. It is the PERCEPTION of the TEACHER that the STUDENT is to CAPTURE that gives rise to the UNFOLDMENT.

The parashat BERESHIT contains within it the secrets that will unlock the hidden potential that is within empowering the PROTEGE with the mechanics to unfold the GOAL OF CREATION.

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