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Thursday, September 06, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the portion is NITZAVIM. The IVRI transliteration NITZAVIM is interpreted to mean, STANDING. The SIDRAH begins with the scenario of the NAVI Moshe speaking to BENEI YISRAEL concerning the renewal of the BRIT (covenant). When viewed from the ROOT LANGUAGE of MISHKAHN DAVID, the scenario is a revelation of YISRAEL entrance into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS in connection with the BRIT.

The BRIT that is being spoken of is the contract that guarantees that the performance thereof will engender a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD experienced as REGENERATION. The REGENERATION is a state of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT.

The state of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT is the result of becoming ONE with G-d. It is written, “Did you not know? Did you not hear? HaShem is the eternal God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not weary, He does not tire; there is no calculating His understanding. He gives strength to the weary, and grants abundant might to the powerless. Youths may weary and tire and young men may constantly falter, but those whose hope is in HaShem will have renewed strength; they will grow a wing like eagles, they will run and not grow tired, they will walk and not grow weary.” (Isaiah 40:28-31) In this prophetic utterance, it is disclosed that one of the qualities of ECHAD is the renewing of strength. The phrase “renewing of strength” is indicative of REGENERATION.

Since a quality of ECHAD is regeneration, becoming ONE with HIM gives rise to the manifestation of a CONSTANT STATE of IMPROVEMENT. The SIDRAH goes on to reveal that this CONSTANT STATE of IMPROVEMENT, which is an ATTAINMENT in the ASCENSION experienced in SPIRITUALITY, can be LOST. The LOSS of ATTAINMENT is effected by entering into EGOISM. The EGOISM is described in the following manner, it is written, “Perhaps there is among you a man or woman, or family or tribe, whose heart turns away today from being with HaShem, our God to go and serve the gods of those nations, perhaps there is among you a root flourishing with gall and wormwood. And it will be that when he hears words of this imprication, he will bless himself in his heart, saying, ‘Peace will be with me, though I walk as my heart sees fit’ thereby adding water upon the thirsty.” (Deuteronomy 29:17,18) In this disclosure, it is elucidated that ATTAINMENTS can be lost by EMBODYING EGOISM, yea, pride comes before a fall. Being able to STAND in SPIRITUALITY is a choice. EMBODYING CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS will give rise to ascension into REGENERATION without the possibility of DEATH.

Therefore make the ASCENSION into the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, that is, CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS a pursuit you will maintain.

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