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Monday, March 12, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing on the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is VAYIKRA. The IVRI (Hebrew) transliteration VAYIKRA is interpreted to describe the term “called.” The portion commences with the unfoldment of the SCENARIO of ECHAD calling to Moses to reveal to BENEI YISRAEL instructions concerning the GENERAL rules of offerings.

The communication between ECHAD and the NAVI Moshe is described as PANAYIM EL PANAYIM, which is translated face to face. This level of COMMUNICATION is considered to be one of CLEAR VISION and not in riddles. It is further uncovered that Never again has there arisen in YISRAEL a prophet like Moses who HaShem had known face to face. This may be perceived as a QUALITY of the SUPERNAL rather than a gift of the SPIRIT in that it is a MANIFESTATION of the HOST SOUL termed Moshe.

It is the lack of understanding levels of SUPERNAL COMMUNICATION that gives rise to the DECEPTION experienced at this present time. The deception has led to ERROR. The ERROR gives rise to calling EVIL, GOOD and GOOD, EVIL. It is during the season in which JUDGMENT IS SET that the correction of ERRONEOUS PERCEPTION occurs. As the veil is removed from the EYES, the thought of CREATION can be experienced, that is, the END of SUFFERING and the pouring out of UNBOUND BLESSING.

The instructions revealing the general rule of offerings are MYSTERIES that when uncovered will aid assisting the EVOLUTION that those in the human conscious experience are undergoing, yea, the transformation is the MANIFESTATION of no LIMITATION.

The purpose of OFFERINGS is not to APPEASE ECHAD, it is written, “Why do I need your numerous sacrifices? says HASHEM, I am sated with elevation offerings of rams and the fat of fatlings, and blood of bulls, sheep, and goats I do not desire.” (Isaiah 1:11) No doubt the idea of APPEASING ECHAD in order to change HIS ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOU is not the purpose of SACRIFICES. The appeal to this KIND of THINKING may seem reasonable in the BELIEF of a PERSONAL G-d, but it is CLOUDED in the IDEA of an IMPERSONAL G-d, that is, ONE WITH G-d. This requires that we examine SACRIFICE and OFFERINGS from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE.

From the HIGHER PERSPECTIVE, offerings are viewed as the UNIVERSE BALANCING ITSELF. The EMET that the UNIVERSE is always seeking to BALANCE ITSELF discloses One of the goals of our EVOLUTION. That goal is to BALANCE ONESELF. In other words, we are destined to CENTER in the unfoldment of the EVENTS that usher in our DESTINY. The CENTERING in order to BALANCE OURSELVES regardless of the CHALLENGE actualizes the CONCEALED QUALITIES of ECHAD within, yea, the EVENTS of our lives are PREDETERMINED to aid in the UNFOLDMENT of the GLORY of ECHAD which is our MANIFESTATION of being ONE WITH ECHAD.

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