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Monday, February 26, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the TITLE of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is KI TISA. The IVRI transliteration KI TISA carries with it the idea, “WHEN YOU TAKE.” The expression is employed as the commencement of INSTRUCTIONS given by HASHEM on how to take a CENSUS of BENEI YISRAEL.

The human conscious experience may be described from the PERSPECTIVE OF MISHKAHN DAVID as the EVOLUTION of ONE SOUL comprised of many host and individual souls. The GOAL of the EVOLUTION of the ONE SOUL is to MANIFEST the unlimited potential that is concealed within. Therefore each HOST and INDIVIDUAL SOUL making up the ONE SOUL will EVOLVE into a SUPERNAL EXPRESSION of the QUALITIES of G-d.

The descension of the ONE SOUL comprised of MANY gave rise to the experience of EGOISM. The EGOISM is an experience of ISOLATION accompanied by DIVERS KINDS of SUFFERING. To transcend the ERRONEOUS EXPERIENCE of ISOLATION and SUFFERING, one must ascend out of the EGO into our TRUE IDENTIFICATION of a COLLECTIVE. The challenge of taking a CENSUS was one in which the counting of BENEI YISRAEL would not engender the feeling experienced as EGOISM.

It is also important to note that from the PERSPECTIVE of MISHKAHN DAVID, because in reality we are a COLLECTIVE, one cannot truly experience SPIRITUALITY unless one ASCENDS into a SUPERNAL COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. Thus to believe ONESELF to be SPIRITUAL and yet EGOTISTIC, i.e., ISOLATED from others is to be DECEIVED. Therefore the challenge of taking a CENSUS without  causing the SOUL to take on this DECEPTION made the challenge even greater.
To maintain the ENLIGHTENMENT experienced by BENEI YISRAEL and yet take a CENSUS, the NAVI Moshe was given the following INSTRUCTIONS, it is written, “When you take a census of the Children of Israel according to their number, every man shall give HaShem an ATONEMENT for his soul when counting them. This shall they give everyone who passes through the census a half shekel of the sacred shekel, the shekel is twenty geras, half a shekel as a portion to HaShem. Everyone who passes through the census, from twenty years of age and up, shall give the portion of HaShem. The wealthy shall not increase and the destitute shall not decrease from half of a shekel to give the portion of HaShem, to atone for your soul.” (Exodus 30:12-15) In this passage of TORAH, not only do we receive the REVELATION of how to take a CENSUS of BENEI YISRAEL that avoids the EXPERIENCE of EGOISM, but also of what the PERSPECTIVE of the SPIRITUAL is when viewing the MANY as ONE, yea, we are to ASCEND into thoughts of G-d concerning the VALUE of those who are undergoing the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE. Regardless to the grade that the many souls occupy, all are of EQUAL VALUE. The color of skin, purpose, financial status, and the LIKE, is non EFFECTIVE. ALL ARE OF THE SAME VALUE. To successfully take a CENSUS and to ASCEND into the HIGHER LEVELS of THOUGHT commences with the EMET (truth) that all who are undergoing the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE are of EQUAL VALUE.

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