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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by placing our focus upon the interpretation of the IVRI transliteration METZORA. The term METZORA is descriptive of one who was afflicted with TZARAAS that seeks to undergo purification.

It was disclosed in the previous PARASHAT TAZRIA that TZARAAS is the effect of SLANDER and speaking against DIVINE PROTOCOL. It was the responsibility of the KOHANIM to diagnose the DISEASE and to QUARANTINE those who tested POSITIVE. Since those who tested POSITIVE were QUARANTINED outside the camp, the possibility to SPREAD was MINIMIZED. If allowed to spread, the result would be DI-VISION, that is, the dividing of the G-d given VISION. The METZORA is one who had suffered from the MALADY of the result of SLANDER and INSUBORDINATION after undergoing the TREATMENT seeking PURIFICATION. The PURIFICATION required undergoing 3 stages.

In the SIDRAH, we learn that it is the responsibility of the KOHANIM (PRIESTHOOD) to oversee the PROCESS of RESTORATION. This EMET (truth) is both at a PHYSICAL and MENTAL LEVEL. The principle declares that to PURIFY in TIME, it must first occur in the MIND. SLANDER and INSUBORDINATION against DIVINE PROTOCOL begins in the MIND. Thus the PURIFICATION of the MIND must be that of REFINEMENT. The REFINEMENT will give rise to it reflecting PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS.

PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is descriptive of a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD. The union commences as REALIZATION. REALIZATION may be described as the AWARENESS that SOUL is an INDIVIDUALIZED aspect of ECHAD. The experience of REALIZATION is to be followed by ACTUALIZATION, that is, the MANIFESTATION of the CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD in the PHYSICAL BODY.

Discerning the PRINCIPLES revealed in the three STAGES of PURIFICATION enable dealing with the DISEASE in HIGHER PERSPECTIVES, whereas the KOHANIM are able to EFFECT the PROCESS of PURIFICATION in those who only MANIFEST TZARAAS at the MENTAL LEVEL. The time has come where the Jewish People must cast off the restraints that create DISUNITY and through SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP ESTABLISH UNITY. We are destined to become ONE in ECHAD’S HAND.

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