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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT METZORA by placing our ATTENTION upon the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “You shall separate the Children of Israel from their contamination; and they shall not die as a result of their  contamination if they contaminate My Tabernacle that is among them.” (Leviticus 15:31) In this passage of TORAH, it is disclosed as to WHY the laws on how to handle CONTAMINATION among BENEI YISRAEL were given, yea, it was to prevent the DEATH of the CONTAMINATED when coming into CONTACT with the MISHKAN (Tabernacle).

The Tabernacle (MISHKAN) was the result of HASHEM instructing the NAVI Moshe on how to construct that which would MANIFEST the SHEKINAH, that is, DIVINE PRESENCE. Without a doubt, this discloses that the MARRIAGE of CONTAMINATION to DIVINE PRESENCE is the formula for DESTRUCTION. Therefore instructions were given on PURIFICATION when CONTAMINATION occurs.

The coming together of CONTAMINATION and DIVINE PRESENCE can also occur on the MENTAL LEVEL. Since the law is PRINCIPLE, it applies to all levels, and when failed to observe, will engender the SAME EFFECT. 

As Jews, we have been chosen to UNDERGO the CRUCIBLE of HARDSHIP in order to MANIFEST the CONCEALED ASPECT of G-d that is hidden within. It is written, “Behold, I refine you, but not like silver; I have chosen for you the crucible of hardship. For My sake, for My sake I will do it…” (Isaiah 48:10,11a) This prophetic utterance is a revelation that the CRUCIBLE (which is a melting pot for metals) of HARDSHIP is an analogy of the experience that G-d has chosen for the JEWISH PEOPLE to aid in the BIRTHING of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

When the fire is turned up on the MENTAL LEVEL of one who is undergoing the CRUCIBLE of HARDSHIP, the discharge of CONTAMINATION may occur. Examples of the DISCHARGE of CONTAMINATION would be such things as COMPLAINING, BLAME SHIFTING, and the like. If the DISCHARGE is allowed to co-exist with the MANIFESTATION of G-d’s CONCEALED PRESENCE, destruction will occur. Therefore under such conditions, REPENTANCE (TESHUVAH) will give rise to PURIFICATION.

Thus be MINDFUL in the CRUCIBLE of HARDSHIP, that the Jew is destined to bring forth the MANIFESTATION of DIVINE PRESENCE being cleansed from CONTAMINATION that may be a result of the BIRTHING.

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