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Friday, March 10, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT TETZAVEH by placing our attention on the fundamental TRUTHS disclosed in EXODUS 30:1-10. In this passage of TORAH, the NAVI MOSHE receives instructions from HASHEM on constructing the INCENSE ALTAR and how it is to be employed by the KOHAN GADOL (the High Priest). The question is, “What fundamental TRUTHS are hidden within the INSTRUCTIONS?”

To aid in uncovering the answer, let us employ the following principle. Creation is experienced as that which is known. The human conscious experience is the KNOWER. In order for the KNOWER to KNOW that which is KNOWN, the KNOWER MUST HAVE the POWER TO KNOW, that is, KNOWING. Applying this PRINCIPLE in order to aid in the uncovering of the MYSTERY, G-d is the POWER TO KNOW, or KNOWING and the NAVI MOSHE is the KNOWER. Thus KNOWING gave the KNOWER instructions on how to construct what will be KNOWN as the INCENSE ALTAR. No doubt the INCENSE ALTAR was to remind the KNOWER to maintain a CONSTANT FOCUS on KNOWING (the Power to KNOW).

It is the CONSTANT FOCUS of the KNOWER on KNOWING that gives rise to the experience of the INFOLDMENT OF LIFE WITHOUT END. Along with this FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH is that which declares, the KNOWER is DESTINED to EMPLOY what is KNOWN to SERVE the POWER TO KNOW (KNOWING) in the UNFOLDMENT of SUCCESS. These FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS when embodied give rise to ASCENSION out of IGNORANCE which is the cause of the DELUSION called SUFFERING and entrance into LIFE with ALL POSSIBILITIES.

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