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Neo Hassidic - Letting HASHEM into our lives is what it's all about. We do it through our exuberance in our own ideas and acts in regard to dress, prayer, song, dance, and Torah learning. All this stimulates us to do "The Mitzvot " making this world a better place for ourselves and everyone else, Jewish or not.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT TERUMAH by placing our attention on the FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH that in the UNIVERSE OF BECOMING, even INANIMATE creation is destined to unfold the CONCEALED ESSENCE OF HASHEM that is HIDDEN WITHN. In our previous discussion, it was disclosed that this is one of the assignments that have been predetermined for the Jewish People. Indeed we are CO-CREATORS with the Holy Blessed One of Yisrael. The blueprint that we have been given, that is, TORAH, reveals that we are to CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH.

The MOVEMENT of TIME in Space is one in which the ONE becomes MANY and the MANY become ONE. This flow of ENERGY is what is referred to as the RUWACH HA QODESH (the Holy Spirit0. Without a doubt, we are in the SEASON whereas the MANY are in movement to become the ONE. This movement will engender the HIDDEN ESSENCE of G-d to be made manifest in CREATION. In other words, the UNIVERSE is flowing in a way to manifest the ONE. As a people who have been given the CORPORATE PURPOSE of being TIKKUN OLAM (repairers of the WORLD), we shall discover that the TIME is NOW in which all things are working in behalf of fulfilling the DIVINE ASSIGNMENT. The instructions given to the NAVI MOSHE on how to construct a MISHKAN (Tabernacle) that will manifest the SHEKINAH is a PROPHETIC VISION disclosing that the CONCEALED ESSENCE of G-d HIDDEN in INANIMATE EXISTENCE is destined to be seen, it is written, “You shall make fifty hooks of gold, and you shall attach the curtains to one another with the hooks, so that the Tabernacle shall become ONE.” (Exodus 26:6) The ONENESS that is being spoken of can be perceived at different levels of CONSCIOUSNESS. At the HIGHEST LEVELS, the perception is MANIFESTATION of the CONCEALED ESSENCE of G-d.

To fulfill this assignment, it is necessary to submit to DIVINE PROTOCOL even as BENEI YISRAEL had to SUBMIT. In other words, without SUBMITTING to the INSTRUCTION that HASHEM gave to the NAVI MOSHE, the construct of the MISHKAN that would manifest the SHEKINAH would not have occurred. For this reason, G-d promised the Jewish People that He would SEND NEVIIM (prophets) that are like unto MOSHE REBEYNU. The coming of the NEVIIM is not only to aid with RESTORATION, but also in the CONSTRUCT OF HEAVEN ON EARTH. READ DEUTERONOMY 18:15-22.

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