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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

YISRO Part 3

Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus on the PARASHAT YISRO by contemplating the instructions given by HASHEM to the NAVI Moshe concerning the PREPARATION to be made for the RECEIVING of TORAH. The concept that preparations were to be made before the receiving of TORAH by BENEI YISRAEL reveals that the NATURE thereof is of DIVINE ORIGIN. Since these instructions were given to MOSHE, this also discloses the NAVI to be as a MYSTIC. The term MYSTIC is descriptive of one who professes to undergo profound spiritual experiences. As aforementioned, the NAVI MOSHE professes to BENEI YISRAEL, that he had received instructions on the preparation that was needful in the receiving of TORAH.

MYSTICISM is belief in the possibility of attaining direct communication with G-d or knowledge of spiritual TRUTHS. A MYSTIC may be looked upon as a TRUTH SEEKER. While as Jews we do not recognize PROPHETS outside of YISRAEL with the exception of BALAAM, it is evident that there are MYSTICS of other TRADITIONS. In other words, there are those who in PURSUIT of TRUTH ascend into CONSCIOUS LEVELS that gave rise to their followers deifying them. The DEIFICATION of these TRUTH SEEKERS have been based upon the MANIFESTATIONS of their experiences of ENLIGHTENMENT. The NAVI MOSHE himself ascended into such a HIGH CONSCIOUS STATE OF ENLIGHTENMENT that HASHEM declared “the people will also believe in you forever.” (Exodus 19:9b) To aid BENEI YISRAEL to engage with the experience of MYSTICISM, HASHEM gave MOSHE instructions on how to prepare for it.

The instructions that are given disclose what should be done in the outset of an individual or a corporate body who desires to PURSUE TRUTH. What was given would not permit them to ascend into the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS obtained by the NAVI MOSHE, but to put them in the PROXIMITY of where MYSTICISM could be experienced, yea, the PROXIMITY was within the SPHERE of AUTHORITY of the MYSTIC. Their experience was based upon their RELATIONSHIP with the MYSTIC, the NAVI MOSHE. They were destined to benefit from the ENLIGHTENMENT experienced by the TRUTH SEEKER, MOSHE REBEYNU.

This experience is relevant to that of the Jewish people in this SEASON. It is confirmed in the REVELATION of the NAVI MOSHE who wrote, “A prophet from your midst, from your brethren, like me, shall HASHEM, your God, establish for you - to him shall you hearken. According to all that you asked of HASHEM, your God, in Horeb on the day of the congregation, saying, I can no longer hear the voice of HASHEM, my God, and this great fire I can no longer see, so that I shall not die. Then HASHEM said to me: They have done well in what they have said. I will establish a prophet for them from among their brethren, like you, and I will place My words in his mouth; He shall speak to them everything that I will command him.” (DEUTERONOMY 18:15-17) MYSTICS are sent to every generation to aid in the ascension into a CONSCIOUS UNION with G-d. The attainment of ENLIGHTENMENT experienced by the MYSTIC is for the benefit of ALL. Yea, when you are READY the MYSTIC TEACHER will be revealed to you.

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