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Friday, April 23, 2021


Shalom Shalom. In this week’s DEVAR TORAH, we will focus on the PARASHAT ACHAREI. ACHAREI is the Hebrew term for after.
    It begins with the death of Aaron’s two sons when they offered a strange fire to ECHAD.
    It then goes to the observance of YOM KIPPUR.
    The ROOT language of TORAH is the idea of making an ascension, which is an inner journey into the TRUTH of BEING.
    Aaron’s sons were righteous. Their fault was in decision making. In other words, the fault was in belief.  
    The decision to offer strange fire was based upon belief that it would provide the result they wanted; it was not based on clarity.
    They were unclear with what they were supposed to do.
    Belief implies that something is covered or hidden.
    There is an erroneous saying that says seeing is believing. If you can see it, then you have clarity. You are not believing.
    We live our lives based on blindness.
    Rabbis aid an individual in making an inner journey so they can make clear decisions. You need a teacher/navigator to help you see within.
    Aaron’s sons sought to ascend with belief which led to YOM KIPPUR.
        Aaron was instructed to offer the KATAT (sin offering) and the OLAH (burnt offering) for atonement. We do these things based on clear seeing.
    Belief is blind; not seeing clearly.  
    We start with belief and then move beyond belief. In other words, faith above reasoning.
    EMUNAH PESHUTAH is the ability to see God in everything. Through ATZMUTO or the 3rd eye, we are able to see God in everything.
    With the physical eyes, we see contrast. With the 3rd eye, we see entire.
    Rabbis see through Kether (3rd eye) to navigate inwardly. In life we need to see clearly.
    Everything that occurs is so that we are able to navigate correctly.
    Abraham had clarity. He was able to do what he did because he could see it.
    Below the barrier, we can’t make clear decisions. Ascension is needed to see with clarity.


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