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Friday, March 26, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention upon the word of ECHAD, Blessed be His Holy Name, recorded by the NAVI Isaiah, he wrote, “Bring no vain oblations, incense is an abomination unto me, the new moons and sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with, it is iniquity even the solemn meeting. Your new moons and your appointed feast my soul hateth; they are a trouble unto me, I am weary to bear them.” Isaiah 1:13,14. This revelation received by the NAVI ISAIAH seemingly opposes what has been commanded by ECHAD in TORAH. It was disclosed to the NAVI MOSHE not only that we are to observe PESACH but also that it is an eternal decree. At first glance, the thought is that ECHAD has changed His Mind, but the NAVI MALACHI wrote that G-d does not change. No doubt the seemingly contradiction is indicative that one must apply reasoning in order to uncover the mystery.

No doubt the uncovering of this RAZ (mystery) is destined to aid in the ascension into HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (the Supreme Thought). It is ascension into the Supreme Thought that gives rise to the manifestation of LIBERATION. The observance of the SEDER during PESACH is said to be a commemoration. No doubt it is this implication that is being spoken about concerning the rejection of ECHAD. Commemoration has to do with memory. It is the mind modification of memory being superimposed upon the present that engenders MOCHIN DE KATNUT, that is, a limited perception. Since all of our experiences are mental, MOCHIN DE KATNUT is a state of oppression. To fulfill HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, one must ascend out of the oppressive state of a limited perspective and experience the TRUTH OF BEING, that is, a Conscious Union with ECHAD. This requires that the unfoldment of PESACH must be progressive in nature disclosing something NEW from that which is OLD.

The liberation begins with the realization that we are not in the world. Identification as being in the world, is identifying with the DUST (AFAR). This can be seen in the truth that identifying as being in the world is seeing oneself as the physical body. Compared to the earth, the physical body is very small. Comparing the earth with the universe, it is very small. This identification as being in the world is identifying oneself with the AFAR, that is, something that is very small.

The TRUTH OF BEING is the realization that the world is in you. This can be seen in the EMET that all our experiences are mental. This discloses that the consciousness in which the world is perceived is greater. The perspective that the world is in you is that which belongs to the FREEMAN. It is our lot to unfold this idea from PESACH that gives rise to it being an ETERNAL DECREE. Yea, we must ascend consciously to the higher level of the soul, that is, the YECHIDAH where we are transformed into the visible manifestation of ECHAD. It is in this approach PESACH is an eternal decree.


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