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Tuesday, March 10, 2020


YOM TOV. Purim is the celebration of the liberation of the Jewish People from thought out destruction of Haman a descendant of AMALEK. The Jewish People are destined to both demonstrated  and teach HAMACHSHAVAH HA ELYONAH (the Supreme Mind). The GOAL of HAMACHSHAVAH HA ELYONAH is the visible manifestation of the MIDDOT (qualities) of ECHAD, Blessed be His Name. The manifestation is the presentation of LIFE as a continuous unfoldment of unlimited potential that is concealed within the GOLEM (human form). The presentation is one of REGENERATION.

HAMAN represents the EGOTISTICAL THOUGHTS of DEGENERATION. It is experienced in such saying as “LIFE IS SHORT.” The statement that LIFE IS SHORT has become so wide spread that it is is used to cling to desires that are destined to be transformed.

On the other hand, YISRAEL is a state of enlightenment disclosing that G-d is our LIFE. The LIFE of G-d is deathless, thus to say that it is short is to oppose YISRAEL. LIFE is not SHORT, it is ETERNAL. It unfolds as a series of TRANSITIONS that are destined to unfold GREATNESS.

When reading MEGILLAH ESTER during PURIM, the Jews cheer at the name of MORDECHAI and boo at the name of HAMAN. Our booing of HAMAN expressed inwardly is to not allow clinging to thoughts that say LIFE IS SHORT and realize that we are ONE with a LIFE that is Deathless, which is without beginning without end. As we correct the sensitivities that are connected to these erroneous thoughts, we will ascend into the REGENERATION that YISRAEL is to TEACH and DEMONSTRATE in this PRESENT WORLD.

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