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Neo Hassidic - Letting HASHEM into our lives is what it's all about. We do it through our exuberance in our own ideas and acts in regard to dress, prayer, song, dance, and Torah learning. All this stimulates us to do "The Mitzvot " making this world a better place for ourselves and everyone else, Jewish or not.

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Friday, October 11, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the narrative recorded by the NAVI Moshe. The narrative is a presentation of what is termed the Song of Moses. From the ROOT LANGUAGE of TORAH, the Song of Moses is a revelation of the PATH of LIFE. The PATH of LIFE has been predetermined by ECHAD to be demonstrated and taught by the Jewish People. It is in this way that ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience) is to evolve into a visible manifestation of G-d.

The creation of ADAM RISHON is a marriage of the Infinite to the finite. The Infinite component of ADAM RISHON is both the individual and collective aspect of ECHAD. It is written, “And God (ECHAD) said Let us make Man, in Our image after Our likeness…” This discloses that G-d is both a Collective and an individual soul. The description of being both an individual and collective is a revelation of the unlimited quality of the SOUL. It is the SOUL that is the Creator.

On the other hand, the finite aspect of ADAM RISHON is the vessel of reception that is animated by the SOUL. This reveals that ADAM RISHON is the marriage of the CREATOR and the CREATURE. The predetermined GOAL for ADAM RISHON is to become a visible manifestation of the CREATOR. To effect the GOAL, the CREATURE must be transformed into the CREATOR. The spiritual law is the CAUSE becomes the EFFECT afterwards the EFFECT becomes the CAUSE. This further discloses that the potential of the CAUSE is latent in the EFFECT.

The SONG of MOSES is a revelation of the unfoldment of the GOAL. The unfoldment of the GOAL is the disclosure of the PATH of LIFE.

As previously suggested, it is the predetermined purpose of the Jewish People to both demonstrate and teach this path of ASCENSION. Thus the SONG of MOSES was given to preserve the WAY. It is written as a SONG in the branch language of TORAH and destined to be revealed in the root language at the TIME of ISRAEL’S REDEMPTION. The redemption of ISRAEL is the revelation and unfoldment of It’s SUPERNAL PURPOSE. Now is the TIME in our hour of darkness to begin to SHINE the LIGHT.

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