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Thursday, March 07, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the opening scenario contained within the SIDRAH. The PARASHAT begins with an accounting of the process of the unfoldment of the MISHKAHN. This accounting is based on the instructions received by MOSHE REBEYNU from ECHAD. It discloses a workforce from LEVI under the authority of ISSAMAR son of AARON the KOHEN GADOL, the obedience to the PREDETERMINED PURPOSE of BEZALEL of the tribe of YAHUDAH along with OHOLIAB who shared in the corporate aspect of PURPOSE.

It continues with the revelation of the accounting of the talents and SHEKELIM received from the census and ITS PURPOSE. The PURPOSE is to aid in the construct of the MISHKAHN inclusive of furnishing. The question is, what was the purpose of employing the talents and SKEKELIM in the CONSTRUCT of the MISHKAHN?

Supernal purpose is PREDETERMINED by ECHAD. What has been PREDETERMINED by ECHAD is not subject to CHANGE. The PREDETERMINED PURPOSES of ECHAD, blessed be His Name, are revealed in UPPER FORCES termed PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. In this CONSCIOUS STATE, one beholds the TRUTH of BEING. The STILLNESS, PEACEFULNESS, QUIETNESS and CONFIDENCE experienced in this HIGH LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS gives rise to receiving ENLIGHTENMENT into that which is PREDETERMINED. The commencement of this experience is INITIATED by A TEACHER.

At this level of CONSCIOUSNESS, we behold the ROOT LANGUAGE of TORAH. From the ROOT, we are able to discern that since the money raised by the census represents the number of HOST SOULS in YISHRAEL, the use of the funds is indicative of the HOST SOULS COMPRISING a FUTURE TEMPLE. The TEMPLE COMPRISED of the HOST SOUL will aid in providing an ENSAMPLE as well as a TEACHING on how to unfold the GOAL of CREATION.
The GOAL of CREATION is reached by the maximizing of ONE’S POTENTIAL. The demonstration of the HOST SOULS ascending into CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS and manifesting the REGENERATION is the PURPOSE of the TEMPLE (HEKHEL). The MISHKAHN erected by the NAVI MOSHE is an HARBINGER of the TEMPLE that is comprised of HOST SOUL, yea, it foretells of the mechanic that is to be employed in the CONCEALED NATURE of ECHAD BEING REVEALED in the PHYSICAL BODY. The revelation is the manifestation of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY.

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