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Monday, February 25, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by placing our attention on the opening scenario contained within the SIDRAH. The portion begins it’s unfoldment with MOSHE REBEYNU assembling BENEI YISRAEL for the purpose of disclosing what ECHAD had commanded them to do. The instructions revealed the “how to” of what had been commanded. Indeed TORAH must be interpreted in order to maximize the potential that is latent within. Sefer Torah is the revelation of “what to do.” Oral Torah is the revelation of “how to do.” The assembling of BENEI YISRAEL was purposed to receive the instructions of what to do and how to do concerning the observance of the SHABBAT and the receiving of TERUMAH in the unfoldment of the MISHKAHN (Tabernacle). The question is, “How is the observance of SHABBAT related to the unfoldment of the TABERNACLE?”

The purpose of the observance of the SHABBAT is to aid in the maximizing of one’s potential. Our potential to “BE” is calculated. The calculation is destined to aid in the manifestation of those concealed qualities of ECHAD hidden within. In other words, we are under SUPERNAL MANAGEMENT that is destined to manifest those concealed qualities wishing that are pronounced to aid in the execution of PREDETERMINED PURPOSE. The observance of SHABBAT in concert with the ORAL LAW will maximize that which is concealed within. This aids in the pursuit of the GOAL of CREATION, that is, to be a visible ensample of the qualities of ECHAD. 

On the other hand, the unfoldment of the MISHKAHN is purposed in the maximizing of one’s potential. The instructions are given in the branch language with the responsibility of ascension into the higher levels of consciousness when understood in the ROOT. In both cases, the idea of regeneration is the GOAL. When regeneration is ignited, the unfoldment of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY begins, leading to an eternal unfoldment of SELF-IMPROVEMENT.

The host souls are destined to become the EMBODIMENT of this EMET (truth) first, afterwards the rest of humanity is destined to follow suit in the completion of SUPERNAL DESTINY.

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