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Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the opening scenario found in the SIDRAH. The PARASHAT (portion) is a continuation of the preceding portion. The preceding portion deals with the instructions given for the creation of a Resting Place for the Holy Blessed One of Yisrael called the MISHKAHN. It was disclosed that the NEVIIM (prophets) foresaw that it had been predetermined by ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, that the MISHKAHN (tabernacle) would evolve. The purpose of the evolution of the MISHKAHN would be to aid in those who are undergoing the human conscious experience in the unfoldment of the goal of creation. The GOAL of CREATION for humanity is to evolve into DIVINITY. The evolution of HUMANITY is the manifestation of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY that is latent within. Thus the evolution of the MISHKAHN is purposed to aid in the maximizing to the SUPERNAL POTENTIAL that is concealed within.

The continuation of these instructions in TETZAVEH move from that of the construct to the uniform that would be worn by those who administer the commands. These administrators are the REDEEMERS that come up upon TZION to judge the mountain of ESAV. The question is, “Why are these redeemers given a uniform?”

A uniform is purposed to unite the HOST SOULS into One. The time of REDEMPTION is one in which SPIRITUALITY is reached and then made manifest by a CORPORATE GROUP. It is egoism that opposes ascension into spirituality. Ascension into spirituality is returning to the PRIMEVAL SELF. The primeval Self is ADAM KADMON which is One being comprised of many souls. It was descension from the TRUTH of BEING that gave rise to the conscious experience of being alone. The feeling of being alone or isolated is what must be transcended. Uniformity both objectively and subjectively is essential in the ascension. A uniform must be given to aid in the realization of our ONENESS. 

The UNIFORM is beneficial both to those who wear it as well as those who see it. To those who wear it, it is a constant reminder of the TRUTH of BEING, that is, that we are ONE BEING made of MANY. On the other hand, the seer is able to identify the REDEEMER and thus benefit both by the teaching and the ensample.

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