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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by placing our ATTENTION on the opening SCENARIO of the SIDRAH. Torah gives the following narrative in what is termed the branch language. YITRO, who is a COHEN in the MIDIANITE PRIESTHOOD and the father of MOSHE’S wife pays a visit to the NAVI after effecting the REDEMPTION of BENEI YISRAEL from MITZRAYIM. It is disclosed that after their encounter, on the following day, YITRO observed MOSHE REBEYNU as he counseled the people from morning till evening, and posed some questions. “What is this thing that you do to the people? Why do you sit alone with all the people standing by you from morning to evening?” Moshe replies, “Because the people come to me to seek God. When they have a matter, one comes to me, and I judge between a man and his fellow and I make known the decrees of God and His teachings.” SHEMOT 18:15b,16.

The response of the father-in-law of Moshe reveals that there is a STRUCTURE that is more effective. The STRUCTURE discloses what is termed SPIRITUAL PROTOCOL. The question is, what makes SPIRITUAL PROTOCOL more effective? 

The NEO-HASSIDIC Jew does not believe in a HIERARCHY. The REVELATIONS that are given to BENEI YISRAEL are received through SUCCESSION. In succession, the REVELATION remains pure, the word that is commanded is not added to or subtracted from. This gives rise to the ATTAINMENT of knowing SUPERNAL INTENT and the experience of UNITY.

As UNITY is experienced, the CONSCIOUSNESS of the WHOLE of reality is achieved. Thus there is an ASCENSION into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUS. The purpose of the NEO-HASSIDIC JEW is to aid in the evolution of the human conscious experience. We aid by teaching and providing an ENSAMPLE on making ATTAINMENTS.

It is the life of SELF-IMPROVEMENT, maximizing the hidden SUPERNAL QUALITIES that are within. We are unlimited potential destined to unfold the GLORY of ECHAD. The mechanic is to keep the revelations pure and embody them.

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