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Saturday, January 05, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the opening SCENARIO contained within the SIDRAH. The SCENARIO begins with the HOLY BLESSED ONE OF YISRAEL revealing a new name to the NAVI MOSHE to disclose to BENEI YISRAEL and ultimately to all of the SONS OF ADAM. The question is, what is the PURPOSE of G-d revealing HIS NAME to those who are undergoing the human conscious experience?

Whenever G-d sends a NAVI (prophet), He always sends him in one of His Names. The NEVIIM who is sent by G-d never comes in his own name. The concept is based upon the following ideals. G-d has revealed Himself to be a MELECH (King) to the Jewish people. In the corporeal world, kings send their servants out to perform tasks with the KING’S AUTHORITY. The AUTHORITY that is given is purposed to influence thought, opinion and behavior in his kingdom and beyond. Without the AUTHORITY, the servant is hindered in the performance of the TASK. The AUTHORITY invokes within those who hear to respect the SERVANT with the reverence due to the king. Likewise in the EVERLASTING KINGDOM, HASHEM will send His servants the NEVIIM in one of His NAMES that the NAVI may speak in the AUTHORITY of the MELECH HA OLAM (King of the Universe). Concerning this EMET, the NAVI MOSHE wrote, “I will establish a prophet for them from among their brethren, like you, and I will place My words in his mouth, he shall speak to them everything that I will command him. And it shall be that the man who will not hearken to My words that he shall speak in My Name, I will exact from him.” (Deuteronomy 18:18,19) In this passage found in TORAH, the NAVI MOSHE discloses that the prophet who is speaking in the NAME of HASHEM is to be reverenced as though G-d is speaking directly to them.

The NAMES that HASHEM reveals to the NEVIIM are qualities of G-d. These QUALITIES are SUPERNAL in nature. The purpose of the revelation of the SUPERNAL QUALITIES is to disclose them in CREATION. There are two STATES of the QUALITIES of G-d in the UNIVERSE. Those states are CONCEALED and REVEALED. The purpose of the revelation of the NAME/SUPERNAL QUALITIES of G-d is to reveal that which is concealed.

The revelation of the concealed SUPERNAL QUALITIES of G-d is predetermined to be revealed at a certain point in SPACE and TIME. This EMET rests upon the principle that the GOAL of CREATION will be reached, yea, every thing is carefully calculated in order to ensure that what the ETERNAL has decreed will come to pass. G-d sends His servants the NEVIIM to activate the process thus fulfilling the purpose of being TIKKUN OLAM.

We are living in the time when the NAME that G-d is revealing is ECHAD (ONE). Read Zechariah 14:9. This SUPERNAL QUALITY is destined to AID in the UNFOLDMENT of the GLORY of G-d in CREATION, yea, that is the full manifestation of the CONCEALED nature in the UNIVERSE. The time is NOW when the REDEMPTION of all things has begun. The Name to be employed is ECHAD in the REVELATION.

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