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Friday, December 21, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention upon the EVENTS surrounding the TRANSITION of our PATRIARCH, YAACOB. The SIDRAH opens with the record of YAACOB’S time in MITZRAYIM (Egypt) as well as the number of years that he experienced in the cycle of BIRTH, MAINTENANCE and DEATH. Yea, the goal is to transform the cycle of BIRTH, MAINTENANCE and DEATH into PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY without the possibility of METIM (DEATH). In the cycle contained in the SIDRAH, YAACOB does not make the ATTAINMENT of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY, but rather undergoes the experience of TRANSITION into GAN EDEN, where he embodies another FORM.

GAN EDEN is located in the UPPER FORCES of PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. It is the place where the SOUL continues what may be termed as a HIGHER EDUCATION. At the completion of the HIGHER EDUCATION, because the GOAL of IMMORTALITY has not been ATTAINED, the SOUL is reborn into the realm to commence a new cycle of BIRTH, MAINTENANCE and DEATH empowered to obtain GREATER ASCENSION. YAACOB was in the process of ASCENSION into GAN EDEN, that is, GREATER ENLIGHTENMENT, and beholds what is predetermined for his PROGENY.

The ASCENSION at TRANSITION is what give rise to seeing with accuracy. No doubt this is the reasoning for the belief that DEATH BED prophecies are without ERROR. The things that YAACOB shared concerning his PROGENY at TRANSITION have either occurred, is occurring or will occur with certainty. What this provides for us, his PROGENY, is identification for the lost tribes and a revelation of what to handle in the correction. Both the identification and the revelation are one. The thing that is predominate as a DESIRE of OLAM in each tribe is experienced at the MICROISM level with the TRIBE MEMBERS. If the desire is predominate in one that needs to correct and that desire is the common one belonging to a TRIBE, it will aid in TRIBAL IDENTIFICATION. Thus indeed the revelation of what to handle in the correction is a disclosure of identification.

The prophecies given at YAACOB’S time of TRANSITION reveal the predominate desires that need to be corrected in the END of DAYS. What plagues one the most is a revelation of TRIBAL IDENTIFICATION.

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