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Friday, December 07, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the opening scenario of the portion. The SIDRAH commences with the PHARAOH of MITZRAYIM dreaming of seven cows of beautiful appearance being devoured by seven cows who were ugly and gaunt, then awakening. He falls back to sleep and dreams of seven ears of grain sprouting on a single stalk described as healthy and good, followed by seven ears whose appearance is thin and scorched by the east wind. As the dream continues, Pharaoh sees that the seven then ears devours the seven healthy and good ears. He awakens from sleep and experiences uneasiness. The discomfort gives rise to sending for the NECROMANCERS and WISE MEN of MITZRAYIM. Perhaps their counsel would aid Pharaoh in achieving PEACE. Their inability to aid Pharaoh in making an ascension into PEACE opened the door for  YOSEF BEN YISRAEL, who was imprisoned, to be brought before him. YOSEF BEN YISRAEL was empowered by ECHAD to give an INTERPRETATION that gave rise to the experience of SHALOM along with wise counsel on how to respond to the INTERPRETATION. The Pharaoh heeded to the counsel by appointing YOSEF BEN YISRAEL to be second in command in MITZRAYIM.

From this scenario, we are able to discern the importance of VISIONARY LEADERSHIP. Yea, those who are in authority are destined to be influenced by the VISIONS and DREAMS communicated by the UPPER FORCES to manifest EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP. EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP is the product of submission to the SUPERNAL.

Submission to the SUPERNAL is subjective in nature. It is the product of connecting to BEINGS of the UPPER FORCES. In the sphere of BODY CONSCIOUSNESS, these beings are HOST SOULS. These HOST SOULS are conscious of the point that is in the HEART and are trekking the PATH OF LIFE. In their trek, they have made HIGH ATTAINMENTS. These ATTAINMENTS give rise to receiving MOCHIN. MOCHIN is an IVRI transliteration indicative of SUPERNAL MESSAGES. The SUPERNAL MESSAGES aid in the attainment of the GOAL of CREATION. The GOAL of CREATION is the transformation of the human conscious experience to the state of ETERNAL REGENERATION. The state of ETERNAL REGENERATION manifests as PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY.

The opening scenario of the SIDRAH describes the power of the MOCHIM in the preservation of a nation as well as the promotion destined to be experienced by a HOST SOUL. Let us therefore seek the MOCHIN in response to the events that occur in life, it will engender the experience of SUCCESS.

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