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Friday, September 14, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. In the tradition of the Jew, the holiest period of the year commences with ROSH HASHANAH. ROSH HASHANAH, which is interpreted to mean the head of the year, is considered by some as the beginning of the ADAMIC CIVILIZATION.

During this season, we enter into a time of TESHUVAH. The IVRI transliteration TESHUVAH is indicative of the word REPENTANCE. Repentance is a change of mind that gives rise to a change of action. The actions are destined to come into harmony with the GOAL of CREATION. The goal of creation is to manifest a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD. The manifestation of the goal in the human conscious experience is PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY.

As aforementioned, ROSH HASHANAH is the COMMENCEMENT of TESHUVAH. The COMMENCEMENT is what is termed ESERET YEMAY TESHUVAH. ESERET YEMAY TESHUVAH makes reference to what is termed the DAYS OF AWE. During this time, we are destined to walk in the light of introspection to transform the desires of the world into SUPERNAL INTENT. The light of introspection is the illumination of TORAH that deals with the building of the connections as well as the 613 points that are in the heart.

Walking in the LIGHT OF INTROSPECTION commences with submission to the TEACHER that has been predetermined for you by the Holy Blessed One of Yisrael, Blessed be His Name. Submission to the TEACHER will aid in understanding the ROOT LANGUAGE of Torah that the protege may be empowered to aid in the transformation of the desires of the world into SUPERNAL INTENT. Along with this, we are destined to build connections with one another especially those which have need of repair.

The connections are built based upon the TRUTH OF BEING. The TRUTH OF BEING is that we are ONE SOUL TERMED ADAM KADMON that is comprised of many individual and host souls. The reparation of the connections is one that is destined to occur by covering the SINS of OTHERS. It is written, “Hatred arouses strife, but love covers all offenses.” (Proverbs 10:12) In other words, both the reparation and building of CONNECTION are to be based upon the concept of COVERING the FAULTS of OTHERS rather than the strife that occurs when UNCOVERING. This EMET (truth) can be seen in the SCENARIO of HAM uncovering the drunkenness of his ABBA, NOAH. Read Genesis 9:20-27) Yea, although NOAH was wrong for HIS drunkenness, uncovering his SIN was hatred being exercised through strife.

Therefore the days of AWE are not days in which we attempt to debase others with an admission of GUILT, but with SUPERNAL COMPASSION cover those who have offended. This response will give rise to achieving the GOAL of CREATION, i.e., making an ASCENSION into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS.

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