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Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is VAYEIRA The IVRI transliteration VAYEIRA is interpreted into the English term “APPEARED.” The portion commences with the IDEA of the SUPERNAL appearing in the REALM of TIME and SPACE. To receive clarity concerning the IMPLICATION of the appearance of the SUPERNAL in time and SPACE, we must examine the nature of the APPEARANCE.

To comprehend the NATURE of the APPEARANCE of the SUPERNAL, we must look at the ROOT LANGUAGE. In other words, we must perceive the PRINCIPLES that ANIMATES the SCENARIO. Torah discloses that AVRAHAM was sitting at the entrance of the TENT. The TENT represents the PHYSICAL BODY that is occupied by his soul, the entrance of the tent is a reference as to the place where his SOUL enters and exits the PHYSICAL body. The entrance and exit of the PHYSICAL BODY (GOLEM) is located at the crown (KETER) of the head. The place where one may sit, that is, occupy, the entrance is what has been referred to by the sages as the 3rd eye. Thus in the ROOT LANGUAGE, the scenario is indicative of the practice of MEDITATION.

The practice of MEDITATION is experienced as MIND MODIFICATION. The MODIFICATION may be described as a MOVEMENT that commences at the STATE OF ATTENTION ascending to the FINAL STATE of CONCENTRATION. To MODIFY itself from the STATE of ATTENTION to CONCENTRATION, one must pass thru the INTERMEDIATE STATE termed CONTEMPLATION. In the STATE of CONTEMPLATION, QUESTIONS, ANSWERS and commentary are experienced concerning that which is being MEDITATED UPON. This experience is in REALITY the influence that BEINGS from the SPIRITUAL LEVEL engage with those who abide in body consciousness. It is the HEIGHTENING of the SENSES enabling one to receive REVELATION from the HOLY of HOLIES, I.E. PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, while occupying space and time. Thus the SPIRITUAL WORLD is perceived through MESSENGERS that have descended from the HOLY of HOLIES to the HOLY PLACE. This HEIGHTENING of the SENSES is referred to as CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRSENTIENCE, CLAIRAUDIENCE, and the LIKE. Since these are HEIGHTENED SENSES, they are not entrance into the HOLY of HOLIES, but the ability to discern those BEINGS who have DESCENDED into SPACE and TIME to aid with our DEVELOPMENT. 

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