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Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT CHAYEI SARAH by placing our ATTENTION upon the following passage contained within the SIDRAH, it is written, “Then Abraham rose up and bowed to the representatives of the people of the land to the Sons of Heth. He spoke with them saying if you have within your soul to bury my dead from before me heed me and intercede for me with Ephron son of Zohar.” (Genesis 23:7,8) When this passage of Torah is viewed from the perspective of the Holy of Holies in MISHKAHN DAVID, it is disclosed as a revelation of how to ATTAIN the HIGHER LEVELS of SPIRITUALITY in PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. The objective of the ATTAINMENT of the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS is the ACTUALIZATION of OUR CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD in the PHYSICAL BODY. In other words, it is to BECOME ONE WITH the CREATOR.

The method revealed in the ROOT LANGUAGE of the passage is what is employed in MISHKAHN DAVID to experience an ASCENSION into the HIGHER GRADES within the SOUL. The grades within the SOUL are NEFESH, RUACH, NESHAMAH, CHAYAH and YECHIDAH respectively. These grades contain QUALITIES of ECHAD that manifest as LIGHT comprising the SOUL. The HIGHER the GRADE, the GREATER the INTENSITY. To experience these grades within the SOUL, one must undergo a process that gives rise to revealing the LIGHT. The process is like unto removing a SHADE that covers LIGHT.

The passage contained within the SIDRAH discloses our PATRIARCH AVRAHAM’S requesting that the sons of Heth would look within their SOULS for a revelation in response to his inquisition. The request is a revelation of the METHOD to be employed in order to make the ASCENSION.

The revelation is that the experiences that we have that are seemingly NEGATIVE are in reality a CONCEALED state of ECHAD. What is CONCEALED about it is a COMBINATION of the LIMITED PERCEPTION of the SENSES along with NEGATIVE feelings giving rise to viewing the event as not being a blessing from ECHAD. The thought of CREATION is that ECHAD only pours out INFINITE BLESSING upon us, but with only sensing 10% of reality, it does seem so. Thus the METHOD is to EMBRACE what is seen as negative by questioning the SOUL. This corrected form of CONFESSION is the COMMENCEMENT of revealing the SOUL that is covered with IGNORANCE.

After embracing the seemingly NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE and QUESTIONING, the DESIRE to be led by the HOLY SPIRIT is next. The HOLY SPIRIT is given to reveal the HDDEN QUALITIES of LIGHT in the SOUL. The continuation of this process of ASCENSION in MISHKAHN DAVID will engender the revelation of the SOUL which is the ACTUALIZATION of our CONSCIOUS UNION WITH ECHAD. 

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