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Wednesday, October 04, 2017


Chag Sameach. We commence this delineation of the unfoldment of hidden wisdom of our HOLY DAYS termed SUKKOT by focusing upon the instruction thereof found in TORAH. It is written, “HASHEM spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the Children of Israel, saying: On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the Festival of Succos, a seven-day period for HASHEM. On the first day is a holy convocation, you shall not do any laborious work. For a seven-day period you shall offer a fire-offering to HASHEM; on the eighth day there shall be a holy convocation for you and you shall offer a fire-offering to HASHEM, it is an assembly, you shall not do any laborious work.” (Leviticus 23:33-26)

In this passage of Torah, it is disclosed to the NAVI Moshe the instructions that are to be EMBODIED by BENEI YISRAEL commencing on the 15th day of TISHREI during the Jewish year. Concealed within these instructions are revelations of the ROLE of the Jew in the process of the UNIVERSE becoming ONE with G-d.

The process of the UNIVERSE becoming ONE with G-d is what is being implied by the statement, the “earth shall be filled with His GLORY.” The glory is the viable manifestation of ECHAD’S invisible attributes. The Jews have been purposed to aid with this process of EVOLUTION by effecting the CORRECTION. The CORRECTION gives rise to an ascension into the HOLY of HOLIES, i.e. Pure Soul Consciousness, whereas the TRANSFORMATION will occur revealing the CONCEALED qualities of ECHAD. The appointment of these FALL HOLY DAYS by ECHAD reveal the REVELATION of the SUPERNAL PURPOSE.

As aforementioned in the SIDDRAH, the INSTRUCTION of SUKKOT was to commence on the 15th day of TISHREI. This day follows the observance of ROSH HASHANAH and YOM KIPPUR. ROSH HASHANAH is the observance of the COMMENCEMENT of the ADAMIC CIVILIZATION. From the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVID, ROSH HASHANAH represents the beginning of the ONE BECOMING MANY.

On the other hand, YOM KIPPUR represents the CONCEPT of BECOMING ONE with ECHAD. It commences when the individual realizes that his/her soul is ONE with G-d. This REALIZATION is to be followed by ACTUALIZATION that engenders MANIFESTATION. The commandment to DWELL in SUKKOT for seven days to be followed by the celebration of an eighth day is a revelation. The revelation is that the Jew is to undergo a process that is experienced in temporary dwelling places, that at the fullness of TIME a NEW BEGINNING occurs. Thus the 8th day, which represents a new beginning, marks the TIME when we reach the GOAL of BECOMING ONE. As previously suggested, the manifestation is the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of ECHAD’S INVISIBLE ATTRIBUTES, yea, the NAVI Isaiah wrote, “Then the redeemed of HASHEM will return and come to Zion with glad song, with ETERNAL gladness on their head. They will attain joy and gladness and sadness and sighing will flee.” (Isaiah 35:10)

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