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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the portion is NOACH. NOACH is the name of the individual who marks the ten generations from ADAM that ended in failure. The failure was in effecting the CORRECTION OF THE SUPERNAL that gives rise to the MANIFESTATION of PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. The MANIFESTATION of PURE SOULS CONSCIOUSNESS in the human conscious experience is KNOWLEDGE, EXISTENCE AND BLESS.

The CORRECTION is one of SENSATION. The SENSATION IS THAT OF THE EGO. The SENSATION OF THE EGO is destined to undergo a CORRECTION that TRANSFORMS it into that of ECHAD. To effect the CORRECTION, the HOST SOUL, by subjecting to the LIGHT under the guidance of a TEACHER, will experience the TRANSFORMATION. The Transformation is equated to the 248 POSITIVE MITZVOT and the 365 NEGATIVE MITZVOT being turned the DESIRES TO BE ONE WITH GOD. It is through this METHOD termed MISHKAHN DAVID that the ATTAINMENT OF KNOWLEDGE, EXISTENCE and BLISS is reached.

As aforementioned, the PARASHAT NOACH is the SCENARIO revealing the 10 generations that had failed in the ATTAINMENT. The failure thereof gave rise to the end of an EGO based SYSTEM and the beginning of the COLLECTIVE based SYSTEM. The COLLECTIVE based SYSTEM has roots in NOACH and its BEGINNING in AVRAHAM. Yea, the ZERA of AVRAHAM has been CHOSEN to EFFECT the CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD that will aid the GENTILES in REACHING the SAME. In other words, the INDIVIDUAL SOULS of the JEW and the GENTILE comprise ONE SOUL. It is the purpose of the Jewish SOUL to TRANSFORM the GENTILE SOUL by SELF CORRECTION. The SELF CORRECTION will give rise to ASCENSION into a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD for ALL. Just as the FAILURE to do so gave rise to the experience of DEATH, the OBEDIENCE thereof gives rise to EVERLASTING LIFE.

The TIME has come to ACTIVATE the HOST SOULS to unfold the EVOLUTION.

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