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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by placing our ATTENTION on the title of the portion. The title of the PARASHAT is LECH LECHA. The IVRI transliteration LECH LECHA is indicative of the idea “GO FOR YOURSELF.” The TORAH may be approached from different perspectives as to the implication of its REVELATION. Those approaches are termed PEREZ, REMEZ, DRASH and SOD. The approach of PEREZ is described as SIMPLE. The approach of REMEZ is indicative of a HINT. The approach termed DRASH is that of EXOGESIS or ISOGESIS. While the approach termed SOD is METAPHYSICAL.

The approach most often employed by the PERSPECTIVE, MISHKAHN DAVID is SOD. In other words, it is a METAPHYSICAL approach expressed in SCIENTIFIC SYMBOLISM. The SCIENTIFIC SYMBOLISM employed in MISHKAHN DAVID renders systematized knowledge that is derived from the SPIRITUAL LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS. This approach commences with FAITH that evolves into KNOWLEDGE. In particular, it is KNOWLEDGE of OLAM HABA (the world to come) experienced in PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS which is termed the HOLY of HOLIES in MISHKAHN DAVID.

PARASHAT LECH LECHA commences with the SCENARIO of ABRAM (AVRAHAM). ABRAM, who later is to be named AVRAHAM, is given the MECHANICS in the SCENARIO that is to AID in making the ASCENSION into a CONSCIOUS UNION with G-d. The instructions given by ECHAD reveal the entrance into these HIGH LEVLES OF CONSCIOUS which commences with reprioritizing. In other words, one must DETACH himself from the CORPOREAL relationships to ASCEND into the HOLY of HOLIES. This implies that clinging on to CORPOREAL relationship opposes ASCENSION into the SPIRITUAL WORLD. Furthermore it reveals that CORPOREAL relationships blinds one from sensing PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, yea, ASCENSION into the SPIRITUAL WORLD is hindered by our relationship with the FLESH.

The EMET that our BIOLOGICAL FAMILIES may hinder the ASCENSION into PURE SOULS CONSCIOUSNESS discloses that relationships effect our ability to ASCEND. In other words, we are living in a SEASON where ASCENSION is destined to occur with a COLLECTIVE. Thus without entrance into a COLLECTIVE, ASCENSION into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is virtually IMPOSSIBLE. We need the MUTUAL PARTICIPATION of OTHERS to ASCEND into the HOLY of HOLIES. These OTHERS apply the RIGHT PRESSURE to cause our EVOLUTION. The pressure that would be applied by our BIOLOGICAL MISHPACHAH will not be sufficient in aiding in the TRANSFORMATION of our QUALITIES. It is the SPIRITUAL FAMILY that we travel with that has been predetermined by ECHAD to AID in the ASCENSION.

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