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Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the title. The title of the portion is KI TAVO. The IVRI transliteration KI TAVO can be interpreted as “WHEN YOU ENTER.” In particular, it is descriptive of an action to be performed once BENEI YISRAEL enters into what had been predetermined by HASHEM to be ERETZ YISRAEL. When viewed from the upper levels in MISHKAHN DAVID, this is an instruction on how to ascend into the SPIRITUAL LEVELS of what is termed PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS.

In reality, we are INDIVIDUALIZED SOULS, which are in nature CONSCIOUS BEING. As individualized SOULS, we experience different levels of CONSCIOUSNESS ranging from lower levels to the higher levels. The lower levels may be described as EGOTISTIC and MATERIALISTIC. On the other hand, the higher levels may be described as ALTRUISTIC and SPIRITUAL.

In the lower levels of CONSCIOUSNESS, we define ourselves in harmony with the MATERIALISTIC IDEAS that have been developed giving rise to the EXPERIENCE of CHAOS and SUFFERING. As we ascend into the HIGHER LEVLES, the defining of ourselves becomes more refined. Yet this refinement is not spirituality. To experience SPIRITUALITY, one must transform the NATURE of the EGO.

Because the NATURE of the EGO is MATERIALISTIC, it expresses itself as a DESIRE to RECEIVE. Thus to experience SPIRITUALITY, the NATUE must be transformed into a desire to GIVE. The transformation from the desire to RECEIVE to the DESIRE to BESTOW is described as a CONSCIOUS ASCENSION, yea, the CONSCIOUSNESS is not changed but rather the EXPERIENCE THEREOF.

The PARASHAT KI TAVO is a revelation of what is to occur when one makes an ASCENSION into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS in the process that is TERMED the CORRECTION. In the process, we are to CREATE A COMMUNITY BASED on the PRINCIPLE of GIVING that will give rise to the transformation of the DESIRE to RECEIVE to a DESIRE to GIVE which is true SPIRITUALITY.

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