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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the interpretation of the title of the PORTION. The title of the PARASHAT is HAAZINU. The IVRI transliteration HAAZINU carries with it the idea to “LISTEN.” The PARASHAT HAAZINU is the revelation of the song that MOSHE REBEYNU commanded to speak into the ears of “BENEI YISRAEL.” The song commences with the COMMAND TO LISTEN that is directed to the Jew.

No doubt the COMMAND TO LISTEN is prerequisite to the receiving of REVELATION. The term REVELATION is indicative of SOMETHING that was ONCE CONCEALED but is NOW REVEALED. The nature of that which is REVEALED is what will give rise to TRANSFORMATION. The TRANSFORMATION occurs as the revelation is employed to change a DESIRE to RECEIVE into a DESIRE to be ONE with ECHAD. The goal of the TRANSFORMATION is the ACTUALIZATION of the SUPERNAL in the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE. The ACTUALIZATION manifests as KNOWLEDGE, EXISTENCE and BLISS. The BLISS which is Joy without END is experienced as a SENSATION WITHIN.

The SONG that MOSHE REBEYNU was given to speak into the ears of BENEI YISRAEL is a REVELATION of the process that had been PREDETERMINED by ECHAD that ensures that it is to be ATTAINED by ALL. It is the REVELATION of the PROCESS that the Jew has been given that gives rise to all who undergo the human conscious experience to ACTUALIZE. The PROCESS discloses the PATH that is to be trekked in the system that ECHAD has created to ensure that we as a people will reach the ATTAINMENT.

The reality of the ATTAINMENT is the result of ECHAD setting up a system that engenders the changing of the DESIRE of the WORLD to be one with ECHAD in a PARTNERSHIP with ECHAD. The PARTNERSHIP along with the revelation of the PATH is what aids with ATTAINMENT. The Jew has been chosen to REVEAL this through INTEGRAL EDUCATION. First ATTAINING OURSELVES in EFFECT to the ATTAINMENT of ALL.

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