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Monday, June 26, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the title of the PARASHAT (portion). The title of the PARASHAT is CHUKAT. The IVRI transliteration CHUKAT is indicative of the word DECREE. In particular the NATURE of the DECREE is one of MYSTERY. In other words, it is a law that is hard to understand yet we are commanded to OBEY. Our obedience to the CHUK is destined to UNCOVER the MYSTERY. The uncovering of the MYSTERY is what is termed a REVELATION. The REVELATION is WISDOM from the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS that is destined to AID in the ATTAINMENT of a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD.

The PARASHAT CHUKAT commences with instructions from ECHAD on the preparation of an AGENT of PURIFICATION made with the ASHES of a RED COW, CEDAR WOOD, HYSSOP and a CRIMSON THREAD. The AGENT of PURIFICATION is to be employed to PURIFY those who had become TAMEI (contaminated) by coming in contact with a CORPSE. Since the destruction of the SECOND TEMPLE, this AGENT of PURIFICATION literally has not been AVAILABLE, leaving many with the IDEA that has created LIMITATION within the Jewish People.
It is the GOAL of ECHAD that the MANY would become ONE. The ONENESS that is being spoken of is the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of the INVISIBLE QUALITIES of ECHAD. Thus the idea that the instructions to create the AGENT of PURIFICATION are no longer able to be fulfilled would be G-d giving an instruction that would undermine the GOAL of the MANY becoming ONE. The experience of LIMITATION would hinder the MANIFESTATION of the QUALITIES because G-d is not TAMEI.

This EMET discloses that the INSTRUCTION may be observed at a PRINCIPLE LEVEL that enables those who become TAMEI by contact with a CORPSE to be purified. To discern the PRINCIPLE, we commence with the idea of what NEEDS to undergo PURIFICATION. It is obvious that CONTACT with a corpse physically can be dealt with by such things as SOAP and WATER, ETC. Thus the AGENT of PURIFICATION principally is not of this nature, yea, who ever handles it becomes TAMEI. The AGENT of PURIFICATION at a PRINCIPLE LEVEL must be one that PURIFIES MENTALLY. Such experiences as MEMORIES, GRIEF, MOURNING, ANXIETY, and the like, must undergo PURIFICATION in this case. To experience the PURIFICATION at the mental level, a TEACHER is needful that will become one with the contaminated. Just as the CONTAMINATED experiences the NEGATIVES caused by coming into CONTACT with the CORPSE, the TEACHER takes on the like in order to show the CONTAMINATED the PATH TO LIFE. The REVELATIONS GIVEN BY the TEACHER GIVE RISE TO PURIFICATION.

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