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Neo Hassidic - Letting HASHEM into our lives is what it's all about. We do it through our exuberance in our own ideas and acts in regard to dress, prayer, song, dance, and Torah learning. All this stimulates us to do "The Mitzvot " making this world a better place for ourselves and everyone else, Jewish or not.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT CHUKAT by placing our ATTENTION on the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “The Canaanite king of Arad, who dwelled in the south, heard that Israel had come by the route of the spies, and warred against Israel and took a captive from it. Israel made a vow to HaShem and said, If you will deliver this people into my hand, I will consecrate their cities. HaShem heard the voice of Israel, and he delivered the Canaanite, and it consecrated them and their cities. It named the place Hormah.” (Numbers 21:1-3) In this passage of TORAH, the PURPOSE of ECHAD is disclosed. The PURPOSE is the MANY becoming ONE. We are given the SCENARIO of the CANAANITE KING OF ARAD waging war against the Jewish People and our response to the EVENT TO SUBSTANTIATE. No doubt the EVENT was predetermined by ECHAD to aid in the INFOLDMENT of the MANY BECOMING ONE. This predetermined event purposed to bring about the GOAL of HUMANITY coming into a Conscious Union with G-d is a revelation that ECHAD has created SYSTEMS that give rise to the ATTAINMENT of the DIVINE VISION.

The predetermined SYSTEMS to aid in the ATTAINMENT of the DIVINE VISION of the MANY becoming ONE were described by the SAGES as ASSYIAH, YETZIRAH, BERIAH, ATZULUT and ADAM KADMON respectively. By responding to the challenges contained within the SYSTEMS, ascension is made towards the ATTAINMENT of the DIVINE VISION. In this SCENARIO, BENEI YISRAEL responded to the EVENT rather than to REACT by making an ASCENSION into the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS where it was disclosed that the R’TZON (volition) of G-d was to ASSIMILATE the cities of the CANAANITE KING into the Conscious Union with ECHAD that YISRAEL HAD ATTAINED. In other words, BENEI YISRAEL was empowered to effect the DIVINE VISION by aligning themselves with DIVINE INTENT.

Likewise our SUCCESS in the fulfillment of PURPOSE both INDIVIDUAL and CORPORATE is by ALIGNING ourselves with DIVINE INTENT. Indeed the ALIGNMENT will lead to the ATTAINMENT of the INFOLDMENT.

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