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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT CHUKAT by placing our ATTENTION on the following passage contained within the SIDRAH, it is written, “The Children of Israel, the whole assembly, arrived at the Wilderness of Zin in the first month and the people settled in Kadesh. Miriam died there and she was buried there. There was no water for the assembly, and they gathered against Moses and Aaron. The people quarreled with Moses and spoke up saying, If only we had perished as our brethren perished before HASHEM!” (Numbers 20:1-3) In this passage of TORAH, we are given the SCENARIO of BENEI YISRAEL’S reaction to the DEATH OF MIRIAM which gave rise to the lack of water for the ASSEMBLY.

The sages have declared that the water supply for BENEI YISRAEL was the product of MIRIAM’S ascension into the HIGHER LEVLS of CONSCIOUSNESS. Her ascension into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS engendered the MANIFESTATION of a ROCK that followed the Jewish people that supplied them with enough water to satisfy their needs in the journey through the WILDERNESS. Miriam’s transition was perceived as the ABSENCE of her ASCENDED CONSCIOUS BEING giving rise to the disappearance of the MANIFESTATION. This event was not perceived as ECHAD pouring out His unbound blessings upon AM YISRAEL, thus prompting a negative reaction, that is, the fear of perishing. The fearing of perishing is the experience of SUFFERING which is not to be a part of the PATH of LIFE for the Jewish People. Indeed the DIVINE PURPOSE given to the Jews of being TIKKUN OLAM is to demonstrate to the WORLD a PERSPECTIVE OF REALITY that ends all SUFFERING.

The experience of what is perceived as a NEGATIVE EVENT is something that needs to be DEFINED. This instruction rests upon the EMET that G-d only pours out UNBOUND BLESSINGS upon His Creation and that He does not change, yea, the NAVI MALACHI wrote, “For I, HASHEM, have not changed, and you, the sons of Jacob, you have not perished.” (Malachi 3:6) Since the beginning of CREATION ECHAD has poured out ONLY GOOD. Thus anything that is perceived otherwise is something that needs to be RE-DEFINED. No doubt the TRANSITION of MIRIAM and the end of the MANIFESTATION of the ROCK that followed them providing water was ECHAD pouring out a blessing that would give rise to the MOVEMENT of YISRAEL into the PROMISED LAND of MILK and HONEY. The experience indeed is the revelation of the WISDOM of ECHAD which declares, Where G-d guides, He provides.

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