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Friday, April 21, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT TAZRIA by placing our ATTENTION upon the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “And the person with TZARS in whom there is affliction - his garments shall be rent, the hair of his head shall be unshorn, and he shall cloak himself up to his lips; he is to call out: Contaminated, contaminated! All the days that the affection is upon him he shall remain contaminated; he is contaminated. He shall dwell in isolation; his dwelling shall be outside the camp.” (Leviticus 13:45,46) In this passage of TORAH, we are given the instructions that are to be effected by an individual that has been diagnosed by the KOHEN (priest) as to be CONTAMINATED with the affliction TZARAAS.

We live in a UNIVERSE of CAUSE and EFFECT. It is disclosed that the CAUSE of TZARAAS is SLANDER along with opposing DIVINE PROTOCOL. It is written, “Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses regarding the Cushite woman he had married, for he had married a Cushite woman.” (Numbers 12:1) In this passage, we are able to discern that Miriam and Aaron spoke AGAINST Moshe. This speaking against Moshe is what is termed SLANDER. The fact that MIRIAM is mentioned first suggests that she initiated the SLANDER. It is further disclosed, “They said, Was it only to Moses that HaShem spoke? Did he not speak to us, as well?” (Numbers 12:2) In this disclosure, it is revealed that they believed themselves to be equal in authority with MOSHE. This is what is termed speaking against DIVINE PROTOCOL.

The EFFECT of speaking SLANDER and against DIVINE PROTOCOL is described in the following way, it is written, “The wrath of HASHEM flared up against them, and He left. The cloud had departed from atop the Tent, and behold! Miriam was afflicted with TZARAAS, like snow! Aaron turned to MIRIAM and behold! she was afflicted with TZARAAS.” (Numbers 12:9,10) It is evident from this record that MIRIAM being AFFLICTED with TZARAAS is indicative that she initiated the SLANDER, speaking against DIVINE PROTOCOL, and TZARAAS is the EFFECT of her ERROR. It is further disclosed that G-d is IMMUTABLE, i.e.. not subject to CHANGE, READ MALACHI 3:6a. Therefore we may conclude that SLANDER combined with speaking against DIVINE PROTOCOL will eternally be JUDGED the SAME, yea, the JUDGMENT gives rise to SEPARATION from the ONENESS of the COMMUNITY. It was not until the SYMPTOMS of the DISUNITY were DISSOLVED that the individual was let back into the COMMUNITY. This discloses that TZARAAS is both PHYSICAL and MENTAL. The MENTAL manifestation is DISUNITY.

It is the assignment of the KOHANIM to oversee the DIAGNOSIS as well as the CURE of TZARAAS. In other words, the KOHANIM are PURPOSED to aid in oversight of UNITY among the JEWISH PEOPLE. The TIME has come that we would become ONE in the hand of ECHAD. We are DEFINED by what we do rather than the TITLE that we WEAR. Those who have an EAR to HEAR, let us aid in the ascension out of DISUNITY into UNITY.

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