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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus on the PARASHAT VAYAKHEL by focusing on the MOVEMENT of the UNIVERSE which is revealed as the ONE BECOMING MANY (UNFOLDMENT) and the MANY BECOMING ONE (INFOLDMENT). The question is, Does the TORAH teach that the MANY BECOMING ONE imply the TOTAL ABSORPTION back into a STATE of COMPLETE NON-DIFFERENTIATION?     In other words, is EVERYTHING headed into ANNIHILATION?

To answer this INQUISITION, let us examine the following, it is written, “He made fifty loops on the one curtain and he made fifty loops at the end of the curtain that was on the second set, the loops corresponding to one another. He made fifty clasps of gold and attached the curtains to one another with the clasps - so the Tabernacle became one.” (Exodus 36:12, 13) At this point, it is important to note that the Tabernacle was created for the PURPOSE of experiencing the DIVINE PRESENCE. In other words, it is MANY components becoming ONE IN THE MANIFESTATION OF DIVINE PRESENCE.

The components of the Tent of Meeting (MISHKAN) were the product of BENEI YISRAEL giving gifts as well as the gifting in obedience to the WORD of ECHAD. The gifts and gifting are in reality the INDIVIDUAL PURPOSES that had been predetermined by ECHAD that when assembled in concert with WISDOM give rise to the MANIFESTATION of the DIVINE PRESENCE. No doubt the Motivation behind the GIVING of INDIVIDUAL PURPOSE (gifts and gifting) was VISION, yea, VISIONS and DREAMS give rise to the experience of MOTIVATION. What is seen within is a driving force to establish WITHOUT. The MISHKAN is the result of MANY PURPOSES coming together to create ONE. It did not required a complete LOSS of IDENTIFICATION in ASSIMILATION, but rather INDIVIDUAL PURPOSES becoming ONE, like unto the assembling of PUZZLE PIECES, to MANIFEST DIVINE PRESENCE.

Likewise we are not destined to be ASSIMILATED into NON-DIFFERENTIATION in the MANY BECOMING ONE, but rather with WISDOM to PUT our gifts and gifting together in order to MANIFEST a CORPORATE EXPRESSION of ECHAD. This mechanic of unity, that is, connecting the INDIVIDUAL PURPOSES experienced in the PRIMORDIAL STATE will engender the GLORY of ECHAD in the PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, INTELLECTUAL, VOLITIONAL and SUB-CONSCIOUS state, which is the INFOLDMENT of IMMORTALITY.

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