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Monday, March 20, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus on the PARASHAT VAYAKHEL by placing our attention upon the PRINCIPLE that the perspective in which G-d is viewed effects the interpretation of TORAH. In particular, the PERSPECTIVE of G-d may be viewed from a personal concept to an impersonal aspect or a combination of personal and impersonal. When the TORAH was received by the NAVI MOSHE, our ancestors viewed G-d from a personal aspect. Thus the perspective in which it was written reflects the level of human development represented at the TIME. The perspective that we hold is that of the COMBINATION, that is, there is both a personal and impersonal aspect of G-d that can be experienced.

The knowledge of G-d that is termed IMPERSONAL was foreseen by the NAVI ZECHARIAH, it is written, “HaShem will be King over all the land (this statement represents the PERSONAL ASPECT OF HASHEM) … on that day HASHEM will be One and His Name will be One (this statement represents the IMPERSONAL ASPECT OF HASHEM).” (Zechariah 14:9) The IMPERSONAL ASPECT is viewing HASHEM from a HIGHER LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. It is a Conscious Union with HASHEM in which there is no KNOWLEDGE of THE LOWER SELF, but ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. When viewing the INSTRUCTIONS from this LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS, we are destined to employ the SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES that are hidden within TORAH, yea, we are destined to employ revelation of the mysteries in the instructions in the process of BECOMING. In the portion, VAYAKHEL, we are given INSTRUCTIONS on how the LOGISTICS for the Tent of Meeting are to be RECEIVED.

We are living in a SEASON where we no longer GATHER at the TENT of MEETING, which would seem to suggest that the INSTRUCTIONS are no longer in effect. On the contrary, the PRINCIPLES that are HID in the INSTRUCTIONS can be performed in the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS which are termed IMPERSONAL. In the portion, G-d commanded the NAVI MOSHE to command the people to take a portion for HASHEM, to bring gifts from the heart as prescribed. READ EXODUS 35:5. The portions that were given were destined to become ONE TABERNACLE. Likewise at the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS, a REBBE is needed to aid in INSTRUCTING the ASSEMBLY as to what PORTIONS that are needful in the MANY BECOMING ONE. The ASSEMBLY is destined to ASCEND into ONENESS with G-d. No doubt the REBBE that comes to reveal THESE INSTRUCTIONS comes in the NAME of ECHAD (One).     

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