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Monday, March 27, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence our focus on the PARASHAT PEKUDEI by defining  the IVRI (Hebrew) transliteration. The IVRI transliteration PEKUDEI may be interpreted into the ENGLISH term “accounting.” In particular, the SIDRAH is an accounting of the LOGISTICS of GOLD, SILVER and COPPER that was contributed to the construction of the MISHKAN (Tabernacle). The implementation of this account is in the ordering of what is termed the “HOLY WORK,” it is written, “All the gold that was used for the work, for all the holy work…” (Exodus 38:24b) No doubt this reference to the “HOLY WORK” is indicative to an unfoldment that has been predetermined by ECHAD to be set in motion by those whom He had PURPOSED in AIDING the universe of BECOMING. As aforementioned in previous PARASHOT, we are LIVING in a UNIVERSE that is in a MOVEMENT of UNFOLDMENT followed by INFOLDMENT. The UNFOLDMENT is ECHAD becoming the MANY. The INFOLDMENT is the MANY becoming the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of ECHAD. Those whose purposes are to AID with the MOVEMENT have been given an “HOLY WORK.”

To effect an “HOLY WORK,” one must employ the SAME PRINCIPLES that ECHAD employs in the UNIVERSE of BECOMING. The PRINCIPLE that ECHAD employs is that which flows from HIS ATTRIBUTE termed EXCELLENCE. EXCELLENCE is indicative of GOOD not being sufficient when BETTER can be achieved. To effect this PRINCIPLE, whenever ECHAD created SOMETHING as seen in BERESHIT chapter ONE, upon completion, He would analyze it, and if it met His standards, He declared, “it is good.” Likewise, when engaged in HOLY WORK, it is PARAMOUNT that at COMPLETION, we, too, take an OBJECTIVE look at what has been done to see whether or not it could be IMPROVED UPON. 

The CHARACTER of ONE who engages with HOLY WORK is to be EXCELLENT. This implies that the MOVEMENT is to be set in motion by PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. Ascension into PURE CONSCIOUSNESS is the RESULT of SUBMISSION to ONE who has OBTAINED, it is written, “… The labor of the Levites was under the authority of ISSAMAR, son of AARON the KOHEN. BEZALEL, son of URI son of HUR, of the tribe of Judah, did everything that HASHEM commanded MOSES.” (Exodus 38:21b,22) In this passage of TORAH, it is evident that the “HOLY WORK” was executed by THOSE who were SUBMITTED to the NAVI MOSHE who represented PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. Likewise to engage in an “HOLY WORK” that is relevant to our TIMES, one must be SUBMITTED to ONE who has OBTAINED PURE CONSCIOUSNESS to aid with the INFOLDMENT in the UNIVERSE of BECOMING.

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