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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Tabernacle of David Part 5

“On that day I will raise up the fallen booth of David; I will repair their breaches and raise up its ruins, I all build it up as in days of old, so that they upon whom My Name is called may inherit the remnant of Edom and all the nations, the word of HASHEM, Who shall do this.”
Amos 9:11,12

Shalom, we shall continue our focus upon MISHKAN DAVID (the Tabernacle of David) by continuing the discussion of the CONCEPT that it has been predetermined by HASHEM to be reconstructed by BENEI YISRAEL (the children of Israel). MISHKAN DAVID was constructed for the purpose of experiencing HASHEM. MISHKAN DAVID served as the center of CHAI (life) for the YISRAELITES. The instruction on how to construct MISHKAN DAVID was given to the YISRAELITES. When marrying these concepts, that is, the purpose of MISHKAN DAVID and the instructions given to YISRAEL to construct it, we are able to gain a perspective of how YISRAEL is to fulfill its CORPORATE PURPOSE of being TIKKIN OLAM. Yea, the reconstruction of MISHKAN DAVID which is the center or foundation of Jewish Life will empower us to aid in the REPARATION OF THE WORLD (TIKKUN OLAM).
As previously suggested in the preceding discussion, MISHKAN DAVID rebuilding will take on an evolutionary step. MISHKAN DAVID began as a three court system established in a tent under the authority of the Levitical Priesthood. The courts of the tent were termed the outer court, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. On the outer court, sacrifice and washing took place, in the Holy Place, the priest would eat the sacrifice and in the Holy of Holies, the priest would engage with the SHEKINAH of HASHEM. As the history of the Jewish People unfolded, the operation of MISHKAN DAVID came to a halt. It is during the halt that ideas are employed to continue with the service of HASHEM without a visible representation of MISHKAN DAVID or the TEMPLE. No doubt, the development of new ideas during the halt and the ideas that it is DIVINELY DESTINED to be reconstructed suggests that it is undergoing an evolutionary cycle, yea, whenever evolution occurs, it is accompanied by challenges that if not transcended will give rise to extinction. The ideas that developed during the time in which there was no PHYSICAL APPEARANCE of MISHKAN DAVID were response that are TRANSITIONAL in nature. These TRANSITIONAL IDEAS unfold as an EVOLUTION of MISHKAN DAVID.   
The evolution of MISHKAN DAVID gives rise to a new perspective. The new perspective views the MISHKAN, that is, the tabernacle as the PHYSICAL BODY rather than a tent. With the new perspective, the three courts are the three CONSCIOUS LEVELS that can be experienced in the PHYSICAL BODY. The CONSCIOUS LEVEL equivalent to the outer court may be described as DEPENDENT. The CONSCIOUS LEVEL equivalent to the Holy Place may be described as INDEPENDENT. The CONSCIOUS LEVEL equivalent to the HOLY of HOLIES may be described as INTERDEPENDENT. With these conscious levels are different qualities that unfold our experience in OLAM.
As aforementioned, it is the predetermined assignment of HASHEM for BENEI YISRAEL to reconstruct MISHKAN DAVID. The reconstruction of MISHKAN DAVID is the revelation of instructions on how to ASCEND from the CONSCIOUS LEVEL of DEPENDENCY, to INDEPENDENCY and finally INTERDEPENDENCY in the physical body. Since YISRAEL is purposed to be a Kingdom of COHANIM (priests), we are able to discern that the ASCENSION is the product of principles belonging to the priesthood. The EMET (truth) that YISRAEL is purposed to be a Kingdom of COHANIM is confirmed in the following passage found in Torah, it is written, “Moses ascended to God, and HASHEM called to him from the mountain, saying, So shall you say to the House of Jacob and relate to the Children of Israel, You have seen what I did to Egypt, and that I have borne you on the wings of eagles and brought you to Me. And now, if you hearken well to My voice and observe My covenant, you shall be to Me the most beloved treasure of all peoples, for Mine is the entire world. You shall be to Me a kingdom of ministers and a holy nation. These are the words that you shall speak to the Children of Israel.” (Exodus 19:3-6)  In this disclosure, HASHEM reveals to the NAVI (prophet) Moshe that the obedience to the BRIT (covenant) given to YISRAEL would transform. The transformation would be one of DIVINE PURPOSE, yea, it is the DIVINE PURPOSE of BENEI YISRAEL to be the PRIESTHOOD of HASHEM for the rest of the NATIONS of OLAM. THE PRIESTHOOD are those who practice and teach the prescribed worship of HASHEM. Thus the instructions that give rise to ASCENSION into the CONSCIOUS STATE of INTERDEPENDENCY have to do with WORSHIP revealed to YISRAEL.
The worship of HASHEM gives rise to receiving new revelations. These new revelations are in reality HASHEM being viewed from DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES. Whenever our ancestors gained new insights of HASHEM, their experience gave rise to the revelation of a New Name. The New Name that is revealed is descriptive of qualities that were shrouded in mystery until it became relevant to time. The NAVIIM foresaw a time when a New Name disclosing New Qualities would be revealed concerning HASHEM, it is written, “It will be on that day, the light will not be either very bright or very dim. It will be a unique day; it will be known as HASHEM’S (day), neither day or night, but it will happen towards evening time that there will be light. It shall be on that day, spring water will flow out of Jerusalem; half of it (will flow) to the Eastern Sea and half of it to the Western Sea. This will be summer and in winter. HASHEM will be the King over all the land, on that day HASHEM will be One and His Name One.”(Zechariah 14:6-9) In this revelation, the NAVI Zechariah foresees a day when HASHEM will be known by the NAME ONE. As aforementioned, the NAMES that HASHEM reveals to us are revelations of HIS qualities that had been hid from us. The quality of ECHAD (ONE) as the ONLY G-D was the foundation of the faith that was delivered to our ABBA AVRAHAM. The cosmic laws of the universe demands that everything EVOLVE, thus the Name ONE that is to be the Name of renown upon the earth is an EVOLVED CONCEPT. Th evolutionary of HASHEM being ONE is destined to be demonstrated and taught to all the nations of OLAM by BENEI YISRAEL.
The evolutionary concept of One to be demonstrated and taught by the Jews is the foundation of the knowledge of how to make the ASCENSION in the tabernacle, that is, the PHYSICAL BODY to the CONSCIOUS STATE of INTERDEPENDENT. We shall continue this discussion in the next dialogue.

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