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Monday, December 23, 2013


Shalom, we commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the content of the PARSHA. The portion discloses the events that gave rise to YAACOB’S exile in Egypt. They include YAHUDAH’S response to YOSEF framing his younger brother Benjamin, revelation of YOSEF’S identity to his brothers, YAACOB’S journey to Egypt and the vision that he received from HA SHEM cosigning the journey, the names of those who journeyed with YAACOB to Egypt, YAACOB’S face-to-face meeting with Pharaoh and the economic system set up by YOSEF him him him him him that gave rise to building the Treasury of Egypt.
The name of this PARSHA is VAYIGASH. The Hebrew transliteration VAYIGASH is descriptive of an approach. It is from this mystery that we derive the question, that is, How does the approach of YAHUDAH to his brother YOSEF demonstrate the path of transformation?
As Hebrew Israelites, transformation is the mechanic we are destined to employ in order to fulfill our national purpose of TIKKUN OLAM. TIKKUN OLAM, which is descriptive of  repairing the world, is what gives rise to the unfoldment of a New Adam and civilization. The New Adam is one who occupies the higher grades of the SOUL where transformation is experienced, transforming us into the likeness of HA SHEM. The likeness of the Holy Blessed One of Israel is opposite of that which is currently being manifested by the SONS of ADAM. The current manifestation of the SONS of ADAM is that of a RECEIVER, where as the nature of HA SHEM is ALTRUISTIC, that is, that of a GIVER. The New Adam and Civilization is not just one who is obedient to the laws and statutes found in TORAH, but also a giver. No doubt this is one of the reasons that we are commanded to place the MITZVOT on the frontlets of our eyes and wrap them around our hands. The mind is destined to focus on TORAH and the hand is destined to follow it by deeds that give rise to aiding humanity in the experience of JUSTICE.
The approach of YAHUDAH was purposed to free Benjamin from a life of slavery. It was YAHUDAH who was responsible for YOSEF being sold into slavery. The selling of YOSEF into slavery was purposed to save his brothers during the time of famine. The famine was the result of the depletion of the heavens. Yea, it is from the heavens that we receive the gifts that give rise to the sustaining of life. The heavens must be replenished after raining upon us the gift that sustains. Thus they must be replenished after supplying the earth. The replenishment of the heavens occurs after we have received her gifts by the prayers that bless the heavens and the service of sacrifice. The rule of the wicked hinder these blessings and service of sacrifice causing the people to mourn. In the state of mourning, the heavens are depleted and the gifts that we receive from it are limited giving rise to a famine. It was such activity like that of YAHUDAH selling YOSEF into slavery that gave rise to famine. Without a doubt, famine is the condition created by those who are only interested in RECEIVING. YAHUDAH’S approach to YOSEF to free his brother Benjamin was a defining moment. The moment revealed that the RECEIVER who sold his brother into slavery had been transformed into a GIVER that was willing to sell himself into slavery to free his brother. No doubt, this defining moment is that which gives rise to the Hebrew Israelite ascending into that grade of the soul where we are made like unto the nature of HA SHEM, that is, one who is a giver.
The nature of the New Adam which unfolds heaven on earth is one who is both obedient to Torah and willing to commit oneself to SACRIFICIAL SERVICE for the ascension of humanity. Like YAHUDAH, we start out as RECEIVERS, but through the successful undergoing of the challenges of life, we are destined to UNFOLD the nature of the Holy Blessed One of Israel, that is, that of a GIVER. The approach of YAHUDAH demonstrates this mystery to us, that is, true TRANSFORMATION.


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